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Rockspace wifi extender setup

To get the stable and fastest internet signals at your place, you can install any router or modem. But, what if that device is not able to deliver signals throughout every corner if you have a big house or multi-story building? This is the point where the extender installation comes in. Here we will discuss some points to improve the router’s working and the setup tips of the extender also.

Check The Router Working

Before doing the Rockspace WiFi extender setup, just check the installed router settings. Initially, verify the router connectivity to the power socket, and if that is getting a proper electricity supply or not. Later, check whether the networked devices are connected to the router well or not. If these are not, then disconnect them and make the connections again. Select the network from the wireless list and replace the wires for the wired connections.

Change The Router Settings

If the above-mentioned points do not work well for your network then, do some advanced modifications to the router’s settings. To do this, visit the router’s web management portal and select the wireless settings. Then, check if both frequency bands are ON or not and if your router supports both.

More than that, change the bandwidth channels of the router from the advanced settings option. As these can become congested if your neighbors are using similar bands of the network. Also, check the list of connected devices and verify whether they are yours or not.

Update Router Firmware

There might be a possibility that your router is currently working on an outdated firmware version. Which is why the router is providing a slow speed of the internet. So, it is advisable to keep the router’s software version up-to-date every time. To do this, go to the router’s web-based setup page and see the latest updates there. If there is any available, then download and store it on your PC. Following this, perform the Firmware Update process on the same page.

Install The Extender

After trying the above-mentioned solutions, if the network is still working slowly, then there will be a need to install the extender. As the Rockspace WiFi extender setup will surely help you to achieve this. Basically, the extender works to amplify the router’s signals even to the WiFi dead spots. So, choose any extender of the Rockspace and attach it to the router by using its simple WPS process. Alternatively, you can visit the extender’s web-based setup portal to do this.

Change The Extender Location

After configuring the extender, unplug it from the power socket and plug it into that place where you face slow internet speed. But, keep in mind to relocate the extender by keeping it within the range of the existing router. So that the extender can receive and extend signals effectively.

We expect that these points will be enough for your network. If these are not then simply contact our experts for more assistance. Choose anyone from the calling and mailing options to get in touch with them.

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