Resolve The Rockspace AC1200 Working Issues: 5 Hacks

Rockspace AC1200 setup

Rockspace AC1200 is a popular WiFi range extender. That helps to boost the wireless signal strength and coverage in your home or office. However, users may encounter setup errors during the installation process, which can be frustrating. In this article, we will provide you with five hacks to fix Rockspace AC1200 setup errors. These hacks […]

No Internet Connection Even After Installing An Extender

No Internet Connection Even After Installing An Extender

There isn’t any WiFi connection even if you have an extender installed at your end. This problem is irritating most of the users. Although the situation is crucial as the internet connection seems stable the error is just at your end. What We Are Up With For Setup To change the settings of Rockspace Extender […]

Tips to Solve Extender Not Connecting

extender not connecting

Are you facing a constant problem of extenders not connecting to the internet? We have also been watching this problem for the last couple of days. But no worries as we are here sharing the basic tips to resolve this problem. Basic Steps to Fix Extender Not Connecting Errors There are many different tricks to […]