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Simplifying The Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender Setup Process

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Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender Setup

In today’s digital era, a super fast and reliable connection is of utmost importance. We all know dead zones can be frustrating but fortunately, devices like Rockspace Wi-Fi Extenders are designed to eliminate these dead zones and provide the best internet experience throughout your living space. Setting up the Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender may seem like a daunting task at first but with this guide in simple language, you’ll have it up and running in no time. So are you ready to say goodbye to dead zones and hello to full bars with Rockspace Wi-Fi Extenders?

Let’s dive straight into it:

What You Need?

Before we begin with the setup process, let’s collect all the essential requirements:

  • Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender
  • A device (computer, laptop, smartphone) with Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Your existing Wi-Fi network’s name and password.

Step1: Plug In The Extender

Start by placing the Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender in an area where it can receive a strong signal from your router and also the area where there is no signal i.e. the dead zone. After the optimal placement plug it into an electrical outlet and wait for the LED light on it to stabilize.

Step2: Connect To The Extender

Take up your device, open the Wi-Fi settings, and look for the network name “Rockspace_EXT” in the list of available networks. As you find the network, connect to it immediately by using the default password which is usually mentioned on a sticker on the extender itself or in the user manual that came along.

Step3: Access The Setup Page

Now open a web browser of your choice and in the address bar enter “”. This will take you to the Rockspace Extenders Setup Page.

Step4: Configure Different Settings

On the setup page, you’ll be asked to enter your existing network’s name and password. This information will help the extender to connect to the router and extend its signal. Now just follow the on-screen instructions and save all the changes.

Step5: Finalize And Restart

Once you apply and save the changes the Rockspace WiFi Extender will apply the changes and restart itself. During this time, you might lose the connection, so don’t panic. Once it restarts, you’ll be automatically connected to the extended network.

Step 6: Verify And Enjoy The Extended Network.

To ensure everything is working perfectly, move to the area where earlier there was no signal or weak signal and check if your device connects seamlessly to the extended network. If you get the proper connection then you’ve successfully set up your Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender.

Enjoy a seamless internet connection across every corner of your living space! Write to us for any queries.

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