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Troubleshooting the Rockspace AC750 Expert Tips for a Seamless Experience

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Rockspace AC750

Rockspace AC750 is a dual-band wireless wifi extender that helps you extend the speed, quality and coverage of your network connection. It is a very celebrated name in the network connection field, courtesy of its excellent and impeccable performance. Although Rockspace has a straightforward procedure to set it up, you being a newbie may face a few issues. But you do not have to worry as we are going to discuss all the potential problems along with their solutions.

Rockspace AC750 Troubleshooting

Rockspace also has a special set of steps to follow to set it up correctly like all other wireless WiFi network systems. You may face some hurdles while setting it up or maybe while using it if you do not follow the process properly. Rockspace AC750 troubleshooting pointers are just a few additional tips to prevent you from potential issues or eliminate the problems you are facing already. They are not part of the major setup process but some things to keep in mind to make your process seamless and smooth sailing.

Placement Of The Extender

The place you choose for your extender is more than just a space to put up your extender. It determines the quality of your internet. The ideal place for your extender is the center of the room. In this way, it can cover all the corners of your house equally and properly. Other than that, keep your host device and extender near each other. The connection between these two can be weak and cause interruptions if the distance is more than suggested.

Physical Obstructions

If the extender is kept behind a wall or some big object then it can affect the quality of your internet. Try placing it in an open space.

Verify SSID and Password

While setting up your extender make sure that you enter the correct SSID and password. Even a slight mistake can lead to a failed login.

Network Connection

Before beginning the process, check your host device if it has an optimum supply of internet. Your screen will show the connection timed out again and again due to the unstable internet connection and everybody knows how frustrating that can be.

Compatibility Check

This is something we do not pay enough attention to. If your host device is not compatible with your Rockspace AC750 Extender then it is quite obvious that the internet supply will be weak and unstable. So make sure that both of the devices are compatible and meet the specifications required.

Factory Reset

Try factory resetting your device if the issue persists. It will help erase all the previous configurations and minor issues.

Technical Support Team

Contact the technical support team if the above-mentioned tips do not work out. The members are trained to pay attention to little details to understand the problem better. They are excellent tech experts with a straightforward and friendly approach. The Helpline has streamlined its services with call and chat options for your comfort. They are 24/7 available for your convenience. You can contact them and explain the issue you are facing and they will eliminate it in a few minutes effectively and efficiently.

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