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No Internet Connection Even After Installing An Extender

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No Internet Connection Even After Installing An Extender

There isn’t any WiFi connection even if you have an extender installed at your end. This problem is irritating most of the users. Although the situation is crucial as the internet connection seems stable the error is just at your end.

What We Are Up With For Setup

To change the settings of Rockspace Extender to solve the Rockspace ax1800 not working error. We are here up with a lot of solutions. You can also change the credentials of your extender. So do follow the tips.

The Extender Is Not Having Connection?

To strengthen the signals the extender is a general necessity. To expand the area of the signal attach a wireless router. The WiFi Extender if not connecting there could lot of reasons behind it. We have given reasons for all by a list so look at the way below to resolve the causes of the connection problem.

  • In the prime step, check if the internet is partial or the range is proper.
  • See if the router and the extender are within the range or not.
  • The router signals might be potentially weak to get signals from the WiFi extender.
  • It might be because of the weak connection of the range extender, with the power outlet.
  • Still, the IP address of the router isn’t allocated to the WiFi extender.
  • The firmware of the extender is most presumably outdated.
  • Connecting different range extenders but home network although not compatible.
  • Most probably the connection might be loose from the cable for sure.
  • Technically the extender will show the dead zone as the range of the router is dead.
  • An Orange LED light is visible there. It is weak for sure.

WiFi Is In Connection But No Internet Access

Occasionally specialized issues can also be a root cause for not the proper compatibility of the router and the extender. Because of this, the router is not performing well. Still, the WiFi’s weak signals could also affect internet access and cause errors.

Use Some Specific Channels

Avoid keeping Bluetooth headsets, and printers near the rockspace extenders, try to use channels 1, 6, and 11 on the rockspace existing router rather than using any other channel on your home network. The above bias part takes the same frequency of 2.4 GHz, so ensure to make these changes to keep your extender running well all the time.

Update Your Extender’s Firmware

Old firmware performances can lead to the dropping of the internet shortly. For sure consider streamlining the Firmware of your extender. You can modernize it through a Rockspace extender login. The user Manual of Extender should not be ignored.

There are some common miscalculations that most people make while initiating the way of Setup, as the manual can be wrong occasionally when you set up the device. So, keep this also in mind. Hopefully, it can contemporize the Firmware and speed as well.

We’ve given the most exclusive tips to extend the WiFi range and cut off the dead zones. Additionally, for resolving Rockspace ax1800 not working.

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