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Facing The Internet Speed Is Slow?

Everyone needs a good internet speed. You need a streamlined internet for work and home as well. Like in a workplace, emails have to be sent and received at the same time. But, the internet constantly performs poorly like slow speed. There could be a lot of reasons. Like, sometimes it could be because of the bandwidth or the extender and router located at far locations.

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Scan For Malware

Slow Internet access and bugs in the system can also be a reason. There is nothing to do with the hardware or ISP. Malware like adware might be constantly checking performance. It can be a memory. An antivirus can surely resolve this issue. The unwanted pop-up on the laptop screen can irritate it and can redirect you to unusual websites.

Switch To A Less Crowded Channel

May you have many connections! This might be slowing your broadband. It basically depends on which channels the router is using, so you should play smartly and try choosing less congested paths in terms of traffic.

WiFi channels say all that what type of connection a router has formed. There are a number of channels that analyze your WiFi channels. Sign in to your router to change the channels, and select the options finally from the network channels or, choose one option to do the Rockspace ax1800 setup troubleshooting.

There Might Be A Poor Router Position

Your router placement is wrong however you are blaming others for it. Though, it might be a reason for the bad performance of the internet. If we turn on the specifications of the router, the signal range will extend up to 100 ft. Large objects such as physical objects, walls, floors, and doors can also block the WiFi signals. So if you are in a room that is at a far distance from the room in which your router is placed, or let’s say it is placed outside, and you wish to get the high speed it is not possible then.

Take A Signal Strength Test

We can quickly test it with a method. The internet icon given on your phone can also give you a rough idea of the signal strength. But, it will fairly be a rough indication.

  • When there is no space in the icon slot, you might get strong signals. No issues, reasons can be many but we are splitting the solutions.
  • Your signal may get an adverse effect, and the signals will also get weak or empty. As a result, the laptop and other devices which run with the WiFi will not work properly.
  • So when you place the router at a closer distance it will improve the internet speed and the strength of your signal.

Your other gadgets might be having problems with the internet speed. Because they are old. For example, your laptop or computer is working well but the phone isn’t getting any internet.

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