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Uses Of Rockspace Web Portal For Different Purposes

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rockspace.local setup

The Rockspace web portal can be accessed by using and searching for the default web or IP address. From there, you can perform a number of processes, such as login, setup, and managing the network. But, to execute these processes you will require to get familiar with the instructions for the entire procedure. Here, in this blog, you will get brief information for the setup portal, so read that carefully.

How To Access The Web Portal?

As we mentioned earlier, you can reach out to the web portal by using the Rockspace web or IP address. The default web address of Rockspace is re.rockspace.local and is the IP address. You can use any of them and search for them on the networked device’s web browser. But, make sure your device is networked perfectly to your own Rockspace network. Soon, the rockspace login window will appear on the device’s screen. From there, you can log into the rockspace router by inserting the default login credentials.

Router Setup On The Web Portal

As you complete the login process, the web browser will bring you to the re.rockspace.local setup window on the next page. On that page, you can see the network list and select the network that you want to configure. Later, the setup portal will walk you through every step of the procedure till you complete the process. Ensure to go through the router’s manual setup guide once to get the default and accurate information about your device. Doing so will enable you to avoid errors in the setup process. Finally, connect your other devices to the router’s network by using an ethernet wire or by choosing the wireless network.

Visit The Portal To Manage The Network

Apart from the login and setup process, you will be accessible to use the management options from the same portal. After doing the re.rockspace.local setup, you can monitor the network to let it perform optimally. As you log in again, the wireless settings of the network will appear on the screen. Then, select the advanced settings and verify every point from there. Which include bandwidth channels, frequency bands, security encryption, and many more. Also, change the network SSID name and password to keep it different from others.

Improve Router’s Performance

Along with those features, you will also be able to update the router’s firmware to get a significant improvement in its performance. For this process, choose the firmware update option and download the file for your router. Then, execute the updating process from the same window. Wait till your PC completes the process and power cycle the router if there is any requirement. As a result, your router will start working in an optimal state, better than previously. It is recommended to update the firmware periodically.

Thus, these are the purposes for which you can use the Rockspace web setup portal. However, if you seek more information, then get in touch with our technical experts.

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