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Rockspace AC1200 Setup

Setting up Rockspace AC1200 is an easy walkthrough process with just a few simple and user-friendly steps. So let’s dig in and make your network coverage free from dead zones by using your Rockspace AC1200 setup.

Essentials For the Rockspace A1200 Setup

Before we begin with the setup let’s see the essential requirements:

  • Your Rockspace AC1200 setup.
  • An ethernet cable.
  • An electronic device( smartphone, tablet computer, or laptop).
  • A stable wifi network with its username and password.

Now let’s just catch up with the steps that we need to follow for the Rockspace AC1200 setup:

Unboxing and Preparation

Unbox your Rockspace AC1200 setup and collect all the components present inside the box. Now, by using the ethernet cable connect your router to the modem. Once you connect, use the power adapter to connect the extender to the electrical switchboard. After you plug in, wait for a few minutes, and allow it to boot up. An LED light will give you an indication of whether it’s on or not.

Note: Please ensure that you place your Rockspace AC1200 extender in such a manner that it is neither too far from your existing Wi-Fi network nor too far from the place where you want to extend the network.

Connect to the Router to Start the Setup

Now, when you are done with the placement of your Rockspace AC1200 setup, you have to take your electronic device and open the web browser. Once you do that in the address bar type the URL “http://re.Rockspace.local” or you can also type the default IP address which is “”. You may also check the user manual for the exact IP address. Now you will be asked to log in, to log in you can again check the user manual for the name and password. In case it is not mentioned in the user manual, you can use the default name and address which is usually “admin”.

Configuration Process

Once you log in, the setup page will appear. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions for further setup which usually includes Changing the name and password of your network and some additional settings for better security and privacy. Once you make the changes save all the changes. When you click on save the changes the router may reboot. Allow it to reboot.

Reconnect Your Devices and Enjoy Your Rockspace AC1200 Setup

Once your router reboots, go to the Wi-Fi settings of your device and search for the name of your extended Wi-Fi network name in the available list of networks, and by entering your password, connect to it. You will see that your device is connected. You can test your network by roaming around your home or office.

So, this was an easy walkthrough for the Rockspace AC1200 setup. If you still face any difficulty while setting it up you can check the user manual or contact the Rockspace help and support team.

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