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Use Rockspace Web Portal In These Ways

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Rockspace Web Portal

The Rockspace web portal is a versatile platform that offers several uses and features. Whether you are a new user or an existing one, this web portal has a lot to offer. In fact, you will be accessible to those functions once you log in to the portal. So, in this blog, we will walk you through the different uses and functionalities of the web portal.

Device Setup

The first and foremost use of re.rockspace.local is to carry out the setup process of the Rockspace device. If you just bought the device for the first time, you will only require a visit there and this will provide you with an intuitive interface. This page will allow you to connect, set up your device, and manage the device working after setting it up. The portal will show you the setup directions so that you complete the process until its end.

Network Management

More than that, it is a centralized hub that enables you to manage your device network after setting it up. Various features such as device monitoring, changing wireless settings, and checking network working will be accessible through this platform. Further, it shows step-by-step instructions and settings options for a hassle-free management process.

Security Encryption Feature

Equally important to those two points, the security settings option is also a beneficial feature of re.rockspace.local. From that window, you can manage password protection by changing the SSID network name and password as well. Apart from that, there will be some other options as are to set up a guest network and enabling a firewall to make your network safer. Doing so will allow you to prevent unauthorized users from it by making it hard to access for them.

Optimize Network Performance

By checking your network’s status and customizing its wireless settings, you will surely see a significant improvement in it. There will be a number of advanced settings options accessible to you. These are bandwidth channels, frequency bands, prioritize specific devices and many more. In addition, re.rockspace.local also often offers the latest firmware updates for the Rockspace devices.

That will notify you about those updated versions’ availability by which you can enhance security encryption and fix bugs. You can check and make changes in these settings as you desire to get the maximized performance.

Troubleshoot The Working Errors

Although updating the firmware will help you to avoid technical errors in the network, it requires it to be updated timely. In any case, if you encounter another error in the network, you can fix that from the same web portal. This web window also works as a troubleshooting resource for network-related errors. You can take the best resolving tips from the troubleshooting documentation available on the portal.

Thus, the Rockspace web portal will be useful for you in several ways. However, if you seek more information or help with your Rockspace product, you can directly get in touch with our team of experts.

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