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Rockspace AC1200 Extender

No doubt, some technical glitches in the Rockspace AC1200 extender can cause its malfunction. There could be a range of bugs or reasons for this issue recognizable or unrecognizable. Although there are several resolving tips, you can try out for that error to be fixed. But, sometimes resetting the extender becomes necessary if every resolving tip fails. So, let’s go through those common troubleshooting tips and the perfect reset process as well.

Reasons Behind Those Errors

The first and foremost cause can be the interrupted signals due to the far distance and metallic things. The second thing can be a weak connection between the extender, router, and your device. Apart from that, the chosen network might be not official and the wires can be broken in the wired connections. Maybe your extender requires a reboot after its continuous usage. This can be the case, your extender is running on an outdated firmware version.

Place Extender Ideally

Before anything else, try relocating your extender to a better place as this is the most considerable point after the Rockspace AC1200 setup. So, place the extender closer to the router if the distance between them is too much. Meanwhile, keep checking the signal strength on your device and place the extender finally, once you get stable signals. But, be sure to place them far away from your other appliances which can absorb and interrupt signals.

Reboot The Extender Once

It is necessary to power cycle the extender often and give it some rest when it is not in use. Doing so will enable the extender to cool down if that is overheating. Try to choose another power socket while doing this, as the older one can be broken or incapable to provide a proper power supply. After this, check the extender’s working by connecting your device to it.

Check Firmware Updates

The sluggish internet speed can be due to the outdated firmware version of the extender. So, see the latest updates of the extender software on the Rockspace AC1200 setup’s management window. Get and save the new file on your PC and carry out the updating process later. But, it is advisable to update the software timely to let the extender perform optimally. Ensure to choose the file according to your exact extender’s model.

Reinstall The Extender

The last troubleshooting tip here is to reconfigure the extender after discarding the previously configured settings. If still, the error keeps occurring, then the extender is most probably running on the faulty installed settings. So, disconnect your networked devices first and let the extender plugin for this process. Later, locate and push the dedicated reset button on the extender and hold it for a few seconds. Here, the blinking LED will denote that the process is going on and the stable light indicates that the process is done. So, check the LED on the extender and reconfigure the extender lastly.

Finally, confirm that your Rockspace AC1200 extender is working ideally once you apply these points. However, if still, you get confused with the same problem, then contact our experts right away.

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