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Different Setup Approaches And Requirements For Rockspace Extender

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Rockspace Extender

Though the Rockspace extender supports a WPS button, that allows you to install it within minutes and with less effort. But, the other setup approaches include the web-based and Rockspace WiFi app windows. Unlike the WPS method, these two processes are different to perform and also have some prerequisites. So, go through this blog information to get to know these processes briefly.

WPS Easiest Approach

The WPS method is the easiest setup process for the Rockspace extender. It only requires pressing the WPS buttons from the Rockspace extender and existing router. Although there is no need to use any specific thing for this process, it requires your router to have a WPS button. Also, make sure your router’s WPS button is compatible with the extender’s WPS. So that, you will accomplish a hassle-free Rockspace extender setup process. There will be only a requirement to press two WPS buttons, which is why it is called a two-tap process.

Requirements For Other Setup Methods

Unlike the WPS method, the other two approaches have some pre-requirements that you will require to collect first. As for those methods, you will need to access the setup portal on the web browser and on the WiFi app. So, check out these things and collect them before moving to the next step.

  • Your existing router’s network password and SSID.
  • Ensure your router has an active internet plan.
  • The Rockspace extender with its login and other credentials.
  • Any device such as a laptop, PC, or mobile with access to its browser.
  • Some ethernet cables to make wired connections.

Web-Based Setup Method

Next after the WPS method is the web setup process, through which you can configure and manage your device’s network. To carry out this Rockspace extender setup process, take your device and make it networked first. Here, you can choose a wired connection if you want strong and stable WiFi signals.

Then, launch your preferred web browser and insert the Rockspace default web or IP address in the URL bar. Choose an alternative one if the portal is not accessible through the first address. Within a few minutes, the browser will open the login window on the screen. Now, log into the extender and carry out the setup process from the next page by using the display directions.

App Setup Process

The last setup method is app setup requires installing the Rockspace WiFi app on your mobile. So, open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store according to your preferred mobile and check the WiFi app there. After getting the app on your mobile, do the login process in the same way as the web portal and reach the setup window next. In the end, go beyond the on-screen instructions to execute the setup process successfully.

Thus, these are the simple setup approaches that you can use for your Rockspace device. In case, you seek more help with your product, don’t think more to get in touch with us.

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