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Troubleshooting And Setup Tips For Improving The Internet Connectivity

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Have you checked the computer or other gadget connectivity with your device? We would like to add that there could be many reasons behind the bad connectivity of the Internet. But you do not need to worry as we have many tips to keep you updated.

Sometimes The Connection May Differ

You can determine the connection speed with many common ways to connect to the internet. You can connect them from home. One is a DSL and the other one is a Cable connection. It is because of the cable connection which is usually a bit faster. However, you can use a DSL wire rather than a dial-up connection and you can use re.rockspace.local Setup portal. But if you see any error, then go with the first option. If you are looking for a Setup then go for this above option.

Determine The Total Coverage Area

When it becomes harder to connect with the networks, concerning factors in terms of router selection and Wi-Fi network. A home and a single-story apartment, need only one router, for good coverage. Although you can go for a Rockspace router. So you need to test the speed before wasting a lot of money on a new router. Every brand and router model is having online reviews nowadays.

You can ask friends or your nearby relatives, whether which router they are using to give a whole home coverage. If you have a large home, then you can look out for a WiFi extender that can help in enhancing the range as much as it can.

It can be beyond belief that a mesh router can cover a huge indoor area. So by using these, you can cover almost a three-story building.

Check Your PC Setting

Sometimes, a computer or laptop must be having a configuration problem of its own like they must be having some network setting issue, which needs to be configured so check once if that is not causing the problem.

Troubleshoot The Issues With These Steps

  • To check whether you have internet access see the network icon (or wireless connection settings).
  • Check whether there are any changes in the proxy settings.
  • You need to see whether the computer is connected to the network cable with a wire.
  • The router needs to be reset once.
  • Finally, check the firewall or your security software.

A Hard Reset Is Necessary For Good Performance Of The Network

You forget all the settings of your router and that’s why you hardly need to reset the devices. Restore the factory settings in addition to changing the factory network name and password.

To do a hard reset, you have to press and hold the “reset” button on the back of the modem for around 30 seconds, allow the modem to reboot, and perform the same step on the router.

In most cases, the “reset” button is a recessed button on the back of the modem and router, we mean to say that you need to use a pen or a paperclip or something that has a sharp edge, to press the button.

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