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rockspace wifi extender setup

Do you think a partial setup can improve the connectivity? You might be wrong here. As most of the users make these mistakes. But, we are here to help you for sure.

Extender Setup

If you want to improve the internet speed then you must check the Rockspace extender Setup. As, connectivity is the main concern; if there will be bad connectivity between the extender and host router then, the connectivity for sure will not be much strengthened.

Connect An Ethernet Port

Connect the Ethernet cable with the Rockspace extender to the main router. Initially, we advise you to resolve this issue by connecting your host router and Rockspace extender with an Ethernet cable. Because the wireless connections are not as stable and secure as the Ethernet cable connection.

But, still, for Rockspace extender Setup, you have to connect the LAN port of your extender through the Ethernet cable. Once you are done connecting your router and your extenders finally, switch on the power supply and you are done.

Note: To resolve some common issues many helpful solutions have been given here.

The Rockspace extender Via WPS Button

You can perform the wireless Setup through the WPS button available on that. To set up your Rockspace Wi-Fi booster you have to follow the below steps. But, most importantly you have to make sure that the router should also have the WPS button, only then you will be able to do the setup. Firstly, power on the extender to set up the WPS button. Wait, you have to hold on to the WPS button on the extender, and hold on to the WPS button of the host router as well. Wait till the LED light turns stability green. As a result, this was the way of setup with the WPS button.

Wireless Channels Need A Change

To resolve the internet issue, you can change the wireless channel. To begin, log in to the wireless channels and to the channel settings. Then, you have to log in to the admin wizard. You can get the login wizard, through the default IP login. For that, you need to fill up the login details. You have to select the wireless setting, instead of the extender settings. Probably, this method is successful most of the time but if you think it isn’t helping much then you can log in to the portal of re.rockspace.local and change the settings easily.

Some Devices You Need to Disconnect

Remove the devices which are unnecessary. Or the devices which you are not using further. They will not only resolve the issues of extender connectivity, but in general, they can also resolve sluggish internet connection as well. You are done here!


We hope this article is informative. Follow them as they are tried and tested and help many users. But if you still face the problem of Rockspace extender Setup. Comment below in the chat box and we will definitely work on it.

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