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Increase The Rockspace Router Range In A Single Way

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rockspace router setup

The Rockspace WiFi range extender is a tool that makes it simple and quick to increase the router’s WiFi signal range. If you are unfamiliar with Rockspace extender devices, read this full page to learn the correct details about the login and setup procedures. Let’s begin.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Benefits

  • Up to 1600 square feet can be covered by the WiFi signal thanks to the Rockspace WiFi extender.
  • It supports dual frequency bands at 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • The Rockspace WiFi extender’s installation is very straightforward.
  • It is simple for users to connect it to any other kind of existing router.
  • All dead spots in homes and offices can be removed with the use of a rockspace extender.

Require Things To Do The Rockspace Extender Installation

  • Many extra pieces of Ethernet wire are needed.
  • To join the repeater to the PC by choosing a wired connection.
  • Most WiFi-enabled devices are required for the launching of navigation.
  • To access the Rockspace extension, you must provide your login details and secure passcode.

Accessing The Rockspace WiFi Extender

  • First, connect the Rockspace extender using an ethernet wire.
  • Connect your PC to the WiFi extender Rockspace network at this point.
  • Open a web browser after that, and then type re.rockspace.local into the search area.
  • A Rockspace extender login form will also appear on your screen.
  • Please enter your security password and username.
  • Finally, you can quickly adjust any configuration on the Rockspace WiFi range extender after entering the login page for the extender.

Attach Your Rockspace Repeater To Router

The two procedures make it simple to link your Rockspace extension gadget to the main router.

  • By just pressing the WPS buttons on the router and extension.
  • Using an Ethernet cable for support.

Try both of these ways by following the bottom steps.

Pressing The WiFi Secure Systems Icon

  • Find the Rockspace extension power plug first in an electrical socket.
  • Wait a brief while before looking for solid blue LEDs.
  • Verify that the router and rockspace extender device must be situated in the same space.
  • Hit the WPS button on your current router right away, or after 60 seconds, hit the WPS button on the rockspace extension.
  • After completing the steps mentioned above, remove the Rockspace extender’s power plug and set it up in the new area where you want to use the high-speed internet.
  • Moreover, ensure the extension and router are not too far apart.

Ethernet Cable Attach Extender To Router

  • The ethernet wire should first connect to the extender’s ethernet port.
  • Connect the last bit of ethernet cable to the router’s already-existing Ethernet port.
  • Then, insert the extension and router’s plugs into a power outlet.
  • Wait a few more minutes until the extension and router devices have a solid blue LED.

Hence, after attempting the two techniques mentioned above, the configuration of the Rockspace extension is now finished.

If you experience any problems after setting up your Rockspace WiFi range extender, ping your internet service provider or get in touch with us. Keep an eye on this blog for sidebar updates.

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