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Setting Up Rockspace WiFi Range Extender Using WPS Method

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rockspace wifi extender setup

You might not be aware that a setup can extend the WiFi range. Wait as we have a team giving a lot of tips on Rockspace extender setup steps. Yes, read the below steps.

See Which Device is Extending The Range

To get over the issue of no connectivity to the internet all across your home and office you must place one extender. If this does not work then you need to do a setup through a website. You need to type re.rockspace.local setup in the URL space of the browser, and configure your settings through the portal.

Set Up The Extender by WPS Method

  • First, press the WPS button for two seconds on your router.
  • After that, you will be able to reset the WPS button on the router.
  • Although, if the WPS LED is blinking the extender is most probably trying to make a connection with the router.
  • If your extender is far from the router as a result the LED light will turn on red, the extender will form a good connection if the LED light on the router starts blinking blue. The router will start to boost the signals itself.
  • Try again to connect the Rockspace extender to the router in case the router is not getting any signal.
  • Install the new router with the existing one.
  • If the extender is installed properly and connected to a WiFi device, then you can use it to connect the extender network.
  • The extender will use the existing name of the WiFi.
  • The WiFi password of your existing router and the extender will be the same by default.
  • Once the router is connected to the extender, you are then free to use it under the range of the extended router.
  • You can do the setup process while using a tablet, smartphone, and PC.

To fix the issue you must use the troubleshooting process to resolve or you can run it by login into re.rockspace.local setup. But this one will help you out most probably when you are facing trouble moreover, in accessing the page.

WPS LED Light Status

  • The connection will be alive, till the LED light on the WPS is ON.
  • When the connection is active the LED light will start blinking.
  • The connection will automatically be disabled if the status of the WPS LED gets off.

The LED Signal Light Status

  • When the range extender and the existing router are fairly at the same position then there might be some chances that the blue light will be visible just because of the positioning of the devices.
  • If the range extender is kept away from the device and the solid red LED light persists it means the extender is working but the existing device is not.
  • A signal booster will not be able to connect with the router if the LED light on the booster will not turn on.

We hope this short blog with two to three Setup techniques is even enough to help you out with setup confusion. In addition, we also hope that you find re.rockspace.local setup was even more helpful. As you can change the settings directly through the portal in this Setup technique.

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