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The Essential Guide For Setting Up The Rockspace Extender

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rockspace extender setup

The extender is helpful in the range-extending process. But If the setup of the extender is not done in the right way then, it will tend to give slow WiFi ranges.

Try the tips for setup we are providing here.

Note: We will tell the different ways of Rockspace extender setup. We will also recommend the extender Setup via the WPS button.

There is always something different so just see the quick installation guide. However, it is difficult sometimes to connect the router to the extender using the WPS.

First Configure Your Extender Via WPS

  • In the beginning link up the Rockspace range extender in the power board. But it should be near the router.
  • Then, push the Blue WPS button on the range extender and then, immediately press it on the router.
  • For a strong connection, you have to push the button just in two minutes on both devices.
  • As a result, the connection on both devices is made in just minutes.
  • But make sure the WPS light is blinking constantly on both devices.
  • Yes, until there are no lights there isn’t any connection.
  • Mostly the green light is the indicator of a strong connection. Or in many manuals, Blue is also the strong connection indicator.
  • Although if you are getting the Red light on the extender it means the connection of the devices is not successful.

Note: If you are trying to do the Rockspace extender setup through the WPS method only then, you need to follow the same process again.

But we recommend waiting at least 2 minutes for the setup as, sometimes the signal bars could take a lot of time to come back again.

Check The Place Of The Extender Before installation

To extend the wireless coverage of the networks placing the extender in the right place could also matter a lot. Place the extender in the middle location in the house or office. Therefore, enjoy the connection. There is also no need of repeating the process as if you will form a stable connection at once. Whenever you will connect the extender it will automatically connect.

Setting The Bands Right Way Helps A Lot

Check if the device is supporting the dual bands or not. Yes in many cases the existing router only supports like, only one band at a time. These 2.4G and 5G could be run, however, by connecting the devices just after the WPS Setup connection. But, just keep in mind it is not because of the Rockspace range extender. Shocked to know! Yes, it is because of the router’s bad connection.

As sometimes the router only allows you to connect the range extender to a single frequency band in your networks at a time. But pushing the WPS button will enable you to the list of the networks just get connected through them

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