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Equally important to the faultless setup of the Rockspace router, it is also necessary to monitor and manage its network often. Doing so will allow you to keep and get the router’s optimized performance continuously. The management portal can be accessible to you on any web browser or through the Rockspace WiFi app. To proceed with the further process, use and implement these below-mentioned tips.

Access The Web Management Portal

In this first process, you will require to visit the web-based management window of the router by searching for the re.rockspace.local in the browser. But, before doing that, verify that your router network is working and your device is well connected to that network. Then, open the web browser and go to the setup window from where you can reach out to the management window.

Change Bandwidth Channels

After visiting that window, go to the router’s wireless settings and select the bandwidth channel option. From there, change those channels as you desire your neighbors might be using similar ones in your vicinity. As a result, your router will start working on different channels which will be less congested.

Activate Both Frequency Bands

Apart from that, check the frequency bands status from the same portal. Verify whether both are activated or not, also confirm if your router supports the dual or single band. The 5GHz frequency band works to offer the fastest internet speed constantly without any interruption. So, activate both bands and click Apply.

Alter Network Name And Password

The other consideration point here is to set a new SSID network name and a strong password for it. In case you start getting sluggish internet speed out of the blue, then there might be some unauthorized users on it. Which is making the network slow by misusing it.

To change these things, select the wireless network option and create a new name for it which must differ from your neighbors’ networks. Besides that, set a strong password for it and include some special, numeric, and capital letters in it. Doing so will log out those external devices from the network.

Choose The Best Placement For The Router

In addition to those advanced changes in the router’s settings, keep in mind to place the router in an ideal location. If the distance between the router and modem is too far, then there will be weak signals and interruptions too. So, place the router closer to your modem, in fact, try placing it at the center of your place. So, there will be better signals transferred at every corner.

Use The App Portal

On the other hand, if you can’t access the web management portal, you can opt to use the WiFi app. Open the Google Play Store on your device and get the Rockspace official WiFi app from there. After getting that, do log into its window and go to the network’s wireless settings after setting it up. The same settings options will be visible on your device’s screen.

Thus, we expect that these improvement points are enough for you to get your network’s optimized performance. If you are seeking more help, then directly contact our technical experts.

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