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rockspace extender errors

Although it can be common to get technical issues in your Rockspace ac1200 performance due to some glitches. However, you can fix them using common troubleshooting tips once you become aware of their sources. If you fail to do that, then don’t worry, here are the fixes that you can try out to resolve them easily. Follow them precisely.

Reboot Rockspace Extender

First, press the power button of the extender to turn off the device. After that, take out the plug of the extender from the socket. Next, wait for a while and turn on the back Rockspace extender. In the end, place the power plug of the extender back into the wall socket. Now, check if the extender starts performing well or not as simple rebooting can help you a lot.

Get Rockspace Extender’s Latest Firmware

An outdated firmware of the extender will surely cause performance issues, so update it quickly. To get the latest version of extender software, go to the web management page on the Rockspace ac1200 setup window. Next, look for the network administration option and then click on the software upgrade option. Now, if you find any latest software file then install it on your laptop or computer. Finally, perform the updating process using screen directions and restart the extender to complete the process.

Re-Configure Rockspace Extender

To do the Rockspace ac1200 setup process again you will need to reset the extender. Consider the below steps to reset it.

Look for the reset button on the Rockspace extender. After that, press that button of the extender for 10 seconds by hairpin. By doing this extender all LEDs will be turned off. It means the extender is reset now.

Now, you can easily do the Rockspace extender login and setup process again.

Installation Extender By Web Browser

First, take the smartphone and connect it to the extender network. Later, open the Web browser on that device and type re.rockspace.local in the address icon. Now, you will directly access the Rockspace extender login page. Now, on that page set an admin password and note down it somewhere for lateral use. Afterward, go to the WiFi network list and select the WiFi network that you want to extend. In the end, fill in the prompted password and click on the connect option to see the configuration text on the computer display.

Thus, you will be successful in resolving those errors from the extender using these tips. But, if you are not, then get more guidance from our technical support experts.

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