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rockspace extender setup

Got a new Rockspace extender but don’t know how to start using it after its setup. Don’t worry, here are the most simple tips that you can try out to log in to the extender and set it up. These tips will surely allow you to configure your device so use them precisely.

Rockspace Extender Benefits

The Rockspace extender can offer you a lot of benefits once you do its Rockspace wifi extender setup perfectly. Here are those:

  • Quickly increase the range of the existing or host router WiFi signal.
  • This extender is compatible with any existing router.
  • You can place it in any location where you want better WiFi coverage.
  • Extender supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.
  • The installation process of the Rockspace WiFi range extender is straightforward.

Log Into Rockspace Extender

First, take the Rockspace extender device in your hand and place the plug of the extender in the socket. Now, take the laptop and join it with the Rockspace extender network. Later, open Chrome and type re.rockspace.local in the address bar. Now, the Rockspace extender login page will open up on the computer display. Later, fill in all the details and click on the login button to finish the Rockspace WiFi range extender login process.

Setup Rockspace Repeater

Here are the setup ways to do the installation procedure of the Rockspace WiFi range extender.

Configure Rockspace Extender By WPS Method

When you are doing this process make sure that your home main router supports the WPS button. If the router does not support the WPS button then skip this method and try another method.

First, settle the extender closer to the router and push the WPS button of the Rockspace extender. After that in a short while press the WPS button of the main router. Next, the WPS LED starts flashing solid on both gadgets. Thus the solid WPS LED defines that the extender and router successfully attach to each other. In the end, place the Rockspace extender in that area where you want to remove all the dead spot areas.

By Installing The Rockspace Application

Install the Rockspace application on your smartphone. Make sure that you install the application only on that device that links with the Rockspace extender network.

First, open the Google Play Store and look for the RS app. After that, install it and fill in the details which are shown on the app page. The Rockspace application will automatically detect the connection type and you visit the Rockspace wifi extender setup page. Later, consider all the directions. In this way, the Rockspace WiFi range extender configuration process is completely done now.

After the whole study of this page or article, you will be able to do the configuration process by yourself. In case you are unable to do that then try to contact our technical team experts to get setup help.

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