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Rockspace Extender Setup

Although the Rockspace WiFi extender setup can be done in several easy ways such as the WPS, web-based, or WiFi app. But, to get a successful setup, you will need to get familiar with the setup instructions. So, we are exploring the 5 simple setup tips that you can try out to do the setup. Check them out briefly and use them in the right manner.

#1 WPS Method For Rockspace Extender Setup

Though the first and foremost setup method that is the WPS does not require any specific needs to complete. But, there must be a WPS button on the existing router which should be compatible with the extender. For this process, place the extender and the router at a minimum distance and also keep the electrical appliances away. Plug them into the power sockets closer to each other and turn them on and check the power lights. Now, press the WPS buttons from both devices with a gap of 5 to 10 seconds and let them connect with each other.

#2 Collect The Pre-requirements For Other Processes

In the second step, you will need to collect some things which will be required by the other setup methods. So, before starting another approach, get those items or details of the device.

  • Take the extender’s login credentials with the web/IP address.
  • Also, your existing router with the network name and password.
  • An ethernet cable is optional to make a wired connection.
  • Any compatible device with access to the web browser and app store.

#3 Access The Web Portal And Do Login

Once you collect these things, take your networked device and launch your preferred web browser on it. Then, search for the default web or IP address of the extender and reach the login window later. Insert the login details in the required fields and click login to reach the Rockspace WiFi extender setup window.

#4 Install The Rockspace App For Login

If in any case, you fail in visiting the login window in the first method, then choose another way. Install the Rockspace WiFi app on your smartphone from its default app store and choose the official app. As you launch the app, the login window will appear on the screen so fill in the username and password there.

#5 Complete The Setup Finally

In this step, take the final move that is to complete the process of setting up your extender. As you finish the login process, the device screen will start guiding and showing the setup instructions. So, follow them appropriately and choose the network that you want to configure.

Now, you can start enjoying the extended network once you are done with these simple steps. But, in case you encounter any working issues, then take troubleshooting tips from our experts.

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