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Some Considering Factors For A Smooth Setup Of Rockspace Extender

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Rockspace Extender

Although the Rockspace extender can be set up in an easy way thanks to its innovative technical features. Which makes the configuration and usage processes simple and convenient. But, to get a smooth setup process, you must consider some useful tips that can allow you to prevent difficulties. Here are those points which you can try out during the setup to achieve it successfully.

Keep The Distance Minimum And Interruptions Away

The first and foremost thing is to place the Rockspace extender and the router at a minimum distance. There must not be too much gap so that they remain connected strongly during the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. Apart from that, the area you choose for the extender placement should be free from electrical appliances. Which includes your house refrigerators, gaming consoles, smart TVs, cordless phones, and others. These things have the capability to absorb and interrupt the signals of the extender.

Check The Device Compatibility

The second factor is to check whether your existing router is compatible with the extender or not. This will help you to execute the WPS process in an easy and quick way. Apart from that, make sure the device you are going to use for the setup process is also compatible with the extender. To do this, launch your preferred web browser and clear its cookies, caches, and malware files. More than that, if you installed an Antivirus program on your device then disable its firewalls during the setup process.

There Must Be A Strong Connection

Apart from those factors, keep in mind to have strong connectivity between your device and the extender. To get this, ensure to choose the official network of the extender and must use the latest ethernet wire in a wired connection. This will help you a lot in performing the Rockspace WiFi extender setup without any obstructions.

Use The Default Details Accurately

As you are doing the setup for the first time, you need to use the default details of your product. However, if you are not aware of those credentials then check the manual setup guide that the packed box contains. Note down them and insert them in the right fields and in the right sequence. Which includes the username, password, and web/IP address of the extender.

Thus, these are the points that you must take into account during your Rockspace WiFi extender setup. However, if you encounter any difficulties in the process, simply get in touch with our experts.

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