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Rockspace wifi Extender

After performing the Rockspace WiFi extender setup perfectly, you will need to apply some valuable points to its network. Doing so will allow you to avoid bugs in the network and also helps you to get the best performance of the extender. So, check these points and use them precisely which will surely make your network’s operating process well-balanced.

Always Choose The Best Placement

As you complete the setup process, you can relocate the extender to a different place to cover the WiFi dead spots. But, while doing this, keep in mind to choose an ideal location for this that must not be too far or too close to the router. So, try to place the extender at the center of your house and a minimum of two feet above the ground. More than that, make sure there are not your house’s appliances closer to the extender which can absorb the signal and interrupt it.

Keep The Network Safe And Unique

As there can be some other Rockspace users in your vicinity, keeping it unique and secure is necessary. Giving it a different identity and a strong password will make your network inaccessible to external users. So, go to the Rockspace WiFi extender setup portal and then access its management window. Then, choose the wireless settings and security, from there you can change both details. Now, set a strong and new password for the network that must be difficult to guess and that will avoid hackers on it. It is recommended to change the password from time to time.

Try To Make Wired Connections

No doubt, you can connect a number of devices to the Rockspace extender network simultaneously with stable signals. However, you must prefer to make wired connections for your PC and gaming consoles. A wired connection will enable your device to get regular internet signals without any interruptions. Make sure to choose the latest ethernet wire for the connection and the ethernet ports must be working well.

Change The Extender Advanced Settings

To let the extender perform in its optimized state, do some changes in its advanced wireless settings. Access the web management window on the Rockspace WiFi extender setup portal and check the bandwidth channels and change them if required. Also, check the number of connected devices which are actually networked to the extender. Do the password-changing process again if there is any unauthorized user on the network.

Do The Extender Firmware Update

Along with implementing those points, keeping its firmware updated is also critically important. So, check the latest firmware version on the management window under administration and download it. Thereafter, carry out the updating process from the same portal and reboot the extender if required. Finally, check the extender’s performance as it will start working optimally now.

Thus, these are the points that you can use to keep your extender network working optimally. However, if you are looking for more help with your product, get in touch with our team of experts.

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