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The default web URL for the WiFi extender’s configuration page is re.rockspace.local. You must connect the extender to your router in order to configure it. and use a web browser to go to the configuration page at re.rockspace.local. Once you’re on the configuration page, you can set up and modify the settings for your extender by following the prompts on the screen. Resetting the extender to factory defaults, updating the firmware, and modifying the extender’s network credentials are a few straightforward ways to re.rockspace.local.

Advantages Of WiFi Extension

A device that broadens the range of your current WiFi network is a Rockspace extender. Its benefits include simple installation, dependable and quick connectivity, and a variety of operating modes for various networking requirements. Additionally, it’s a reasonable price and a little small.

Visit The Repeater’s Login Portal

To get to the sign-in page for WiFi extenders. Your PC or mobile device must first connect to the WiFi extender’s network. Open your favorite web browser after connecting, and type “re.rockspace.local” into the address box. This will direct you to the login page for the extension. Unless you’ve previously modified them, enter the default username and password, which, in this case, may be “admin” and “password,” respectively. Once you’ve logged in, you may modify the WiFi extender’s configurations and adjust them to suit your unique requirements.

Use WPS Approach

The extension can be set up very quickly and easily with the use of WPS. That can be achieved in a handful of straightforward steps. Make sure your device turns on and is situated inside the WiFi network’s coverage area before you begin the process.

Find the WPS button on your device and hit it to start. The device’s LED light will begin blinking and the WPS mode will be activated. Next, look for the WPS button on your router. Then, press it within a couple of minutes of tapping the device’s WPS button. The extender’s LED light will stop blinking once the two devices establish a connection. You can use your computer or a mobile device to connect to the re.rockspace.local device. by joining the WiFi network the device has connected. After that, you may finish the configuration process and customize your device as desired by following the on-screen directions.

Setup Your Rockspace Gadget Via Ethernet Cable

The procedures below should follow for setting up your wireless network extender over an Ethernet cable:

  • Use an ethernet connection to link your laptop or PC to the Rockspace extension.
  • Open a web browser and type the WiFi repeater’s default IP address. It usually appears in the address bar as
  • You will be asked to provide your account’s login information and password. “admin” would be the password and username for the account.
  • The extender setup wizard will show once you log in. Follow the instructions when setting up your extension.
  • Choose the wireless network you want to join, and then input the network password. For the extension, you might also need to select a new SSID and password.
  • As soon as the configuration process finishes. Place your extender in the middle of the area between your router and the area, disconnect the Ethernet wire, and then reconnect it. The area where an extension of your wireless network is required.
  • Join the extender’s wireless network and connect your devices to get a stronger, more dependable WiFi signal.

We’ll have finished the re.rockspace.local procedure once you’ve finished reading this post. In the alternative, if you encounter any errors, get in touch with our technical team.

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