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rockspace local not working

Although the re.rockspace.local is a domain that you can use to manage the network, there might be an error sometimes like the re.rockspace.local not working. Don’t worry as this can be common to get this issue, but the source of this error might be identified or unidentified. So, here are a few things that you can try out to resolve the problem. 

Check Network Credentials

While accessing the setup window of your extender, make sure you are using and inserting the right login details. If you are not aware of them, then you can take these from the manual guide that you received along with the extender. More than that, try using the web or IP address perfectly with keeping in mind the spacing and special characters.

Examine The Connections

Unfortunately, if you are not able to solve the issue, then have a thorough look over the connections that you made with the network. Verify that your device is in a connection with the official network and that the ethernet wire you used must be working optimally. If there is any fault, then discard the connection and attach your devices to it again.

Use The IP Address

If the re.rockspace.local not working error still persists, then choose to insert the IP address in the search bar instead of the web address. Probably there might be an error in the web address portal from the technical end. Which is why the error keeps showing again and again. So, fill in the extender’s default IP address and click enter to visit the portal.

Issues With Web Browser

It might happen that your web browser is currently working on an outdated software version. So, update the web browser and clear the cookies and caches also. Additionally, remove the malware files from the device that might create this issue. Alternatively, try using a different web browser on that networked device if the older one is still not able to access the page.

Install Rockspace App

Here, you can install and use the Rockspace WiFi smart app rather than using the web-based setup portal. As you can also execute the login and setup processes on that app. To do this, take your device and go to the Google Play Store. Next, search for the Rockspace App and permit your device to launch it. Make sure you choose the official app and that must be the latest. Thereafter, do the login process, and the re.rockspace.local not working error will resolve.

The other foolproof and last method here is to reset the extender by pressing its reset button from its panel. After pressing that button let your extender do the reset procedure. Later, configure the extender and we hope that the issue will be removed from the device. If it is still not removed, then get in touch with experts immediately. Simply take solutions from them and implement those in the network.

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