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Rockspace Extender Need A Setup, Just Use The Guide

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Rockspace Extender Need A Setup, Just Use The Guide

When you are at home or the office and constantly striving for a good range of WiFi. You can switch to good signals like changing the signals or you can set up the extender in a new way.

Why Choose Rockspace?

The rockspace router has the fastest signal elevation. It supports dual bands 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band by which there are very less chances of signal breakage. But If any kind of problem is faced or seen by the extender then you can go for the Rockspace Extender Setup process.

First Find Your IP Address On Windows

If you have changed your default IP address earlier and do not remember it. Find it easily by the below-given instructions. If you are assigned the IP by DHCP then you are good to go.

Find the IP of the device on the window.

To begin with, the procedure holds the Windows+R button. An instigate window will open. Press enter by typing the Command in the input window and a Command window will open up.

Type: ipconfig “Gateway” and click on the enter button by following the command prompt.

The default gateway will be something like just enter this address and configure your extender through the portal.

Note: Finding an IP address on Mac is totally different as words are totally different on Mac. Which are necessary to be taken care of for Rockspace Extender Setup.

Access The Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender

Through mobile or through computer an extender can be easily accessed. A user can interact on the interface through a Web interface. Every so often when a user performs the login process he needs to log in to the window.

  • On your computer or mobile phone just connect the extender’s network.
  • If you face any problem like an error in the device, then you can connect the device through the LAN IP address of the extender.
  • The rockspace extender’s default IP address is
  • Press the enter button on the login window of the rockspace.
  • Now it’s time to enter the credential field. Enter “admin” in the username and password in the current login password field.
  • The Login credentials are case-sensitive so enter them properly.
  • Press the login button on and the default as well of the screen.
  • Finally, all the settings of Rockspace Extender Setup are easily accessible.

If the user is singing for the first time then, the login process is not necessary. For connecting the extender use the default wireless settings. Once you reach the networks of the device you will be directed to the configuration page. But in case you are not able to reach there you need to type re.rockspace.local in the browser space and hit on the enter key.

A Short Guide To Troubleshoot

  • Make sure the signals are proper on the router and the existing router is in direct connection.
  • Check if there is an active internet connection on the extender or not. As the constant issue can be because of the absence of connectivity.
  • Other devices may also make the networks of the Rockspace extender Setup weak.

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