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Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup: Tips And Tricks For Optimizing Performance

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Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

Setting up the Rockspace extender and optimizing its performance are equally important that must be done after the setup. That requires changes in the advanced settings of the network and some other points to follow. But, don’t worry if you are unaware of them, as we are exploring some useful tips for your Rockspace device’s optimization.

Ideal Placement Is Key

To optimize the extender’s performance to a great extent, its placement plays an effective role that must always be ideal. So, as you complete the Rockspace extender setup, don’t forget to choose the best location for it. Here we recommend you place it midway between your router and the WiFi dead zone to get signals there. However, don’t locate it behind the larger furniture objects and thick concrete walls that can impede signal transmission.

Use The Setup Instructions Carefully

An imperfect setup can cause the extender to work sluggishly or can create other errors in its working. So, it is mandatory to follow the setup directions in the right way whether that is web-based or app setup. Other than that, if you are using the WPS method then make sure to check the router’s WPS compatibility.

Secure The Configured Network

After completing the Rockspace extender setup, ensure to make it secure to prevent unauthorized access and hackers on it. So, change the network password and make it strong and also enable the powerful security protocols from web interference. In doing so, there will be an extra layer of security on the network which also keeps its performance flawless.

Change Advanced Settings Often

In addition to setting a new password for the network, changing its wireless advanced settings is also necessary. Making changes in them on a frequent basis can keep your network’s working on the right track with better stability. So, do this thing when it requires and change them as you desire. Which includes the frequency bands, bandwidth channels, analyzing the network’s working and others.

Regular Firmware Updates

The last but important point for the network’s optimization is updating the extender’s firmware on time. Doing this allows the extender to work with more power and also prevents technical bugs in its network. So, regularly check the firmware update for your extender and update that timely.

These are the valuable points that you can try out to optimize your extender’s performance. However, if you need further guidance with your device network, then don’t hesitate to reach our experts.

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