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Enhance Your Internet Connection With Rockspace WiFi Extender: A Setup Tutorial

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Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

Struggling with your existing slow internet signals at your place? Don’t panic, the rockspace extender can be a suitable option to improve the existing internet connection. With the most advanced technical features, the Rockspace extender is capable of eliminating WiFi dead spots. So, here is the setup guide that covers its working and basic configuration points.

Understanding The Rockspace Extender

A rockspace WiFi extender called a range repeater, is a device that amplifies the existing signals. Once you complete the Rockspace WiFi extender setup, it starts catching and transferring signals to the WiFi dead spots. That’s why this extender is a useful device that also comes with user-friendly simple setup processes. But, before moving to the setup approach, make sure you have these things:

  • Rockspace extender with its login and other credentials
  • Your existing router and its SSID network name and password
  • Any PC, laptop, or smartphone to access the setup window

Setup Rockspace Extender

Once you collect those things, move to the setup approach to start enjoying a stable and stronger internet connection. Follow these points precisely.

Place The Extender Ideally

During the Rockspace wifi extender setup, place the extender near the existing router for a hassle-free setup process. Additionally, make sure to keep it away from the electrical appliances to avoid signal interruptions.

Connect To The Extender

To make a connection between the device and the extender, plug it into a power socket and turn the button on. Later, either choose the wireless network or the ethernet wire to attach both devices.

Access The Web Portal For Login

Then, on your networked device, open the web browser and search for any of the web and IP addresses. As a result, the portal will display the login window containing the username and password fields. Insert these details and click login.

Choose The Network For Setup

When you log in to the extender, the Rockspace wifi extender setup page will be visible on the device’s screen. From that page, choose the network, insert its password, and click on the extend button.

Complete The Process

Finally, follow the screen directions for the setup completion. But, after doing that, save the changes that you made and reboot the extender to make it ready to use. Now, connect your devices to the network and start using it.

We expect that you succeed in setting up your Rockspace extender using this simple tutorial guide for setup. However, if you further need any guidance with its troubleshooting or another process, then contact us without wasting your time.

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