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rockspace wifi extender setup

Are you worried about the setup you are trying to reach? No worries we are here to guide you completely, how to get Up, Configure or Even reset the device. So just read the article carefully.

What Are The Working OF A Extender

The Rockspace extender re-broadcast the signals by taking the WiFi range from the router. Therefore expand it to all the dead as well as working spots of the house or office. But, if the Rockspace wifi extender setup is not done right then the performance may get bad.

First Install An Extender

  • Rockspace although comes with Everything a Setup takes, but before anything just uncover the Extender.
  • The Rockspace extender is a very light device and hardly takes less time to install.
  • You know what, the Rockspace Extender comes with the in-built antennas. That means there is no need for any extra wire to attach to it.
  • Now, Plug it to a power source using a built in power source.
  • Finally, connect an ethernet wire to make a complete strong connection.

Use a WPS Button For Connection

  • First connect the power cable to the WiFi extender to create a streamlined connection.
  • Now hold down the button for 10-15 seconds. Unhold it and check whether there are lights on the Extender or not on your device.
  • Do not forget we are talking both for the Extender and pre-existing router.
  • As a result, wait for at least 30 seconds. As it is the necessary time of the devices to pass the signals through each other.
  • Finally, the setup is complete here. But if you still face any issue then you can take the next step.

Ensure That You Have Proper Band Support

There are always two different bands supported by an extender, one is 2.4GHz and the other one is 5GHz. If we talk about the version classification the 2.4GHz is an old version although the 5GHz is a new one. So the 5GHz dual band runs faster then the old one. There are more users of the 2.4GHz band as compared to the 5GHZ band of users. So you can use the 5GHz frequency band channel for a stable and compatible channel.

Don’t Forget To Connect A WiFi Router

Connect a Wifi router for good internet speed. Yes, connect a WiFi router close to the extender.

  • Then power it up for the booting process.
  • After that, use a computer or a Laptop to scan the networks of the Rockspace. Which might be named as rockspace_ext and therefore connect to them.
  • Thereafter, perform the above step search for re.rockspace.local.
  • Once after visiting that site you can build a password.
  • Therefore it will scan your available networks, just after selecting your main WiFi networks. But first enter your existing password.
  • This was the final completing step of the process.

If Your Mobile Networks Are Not Findable

Rockspace Wifi Extender Setup includes setup through the App. If you want to set up the networks of your mobile but in case they are not findable. Then you need to select the Extender app and select the connected button. Sometimes it takes time, so keep on holding the button for at least 5 seconds. If the LED on the extender starts flashing blue it means the connection is successful. So that is it on mobile Setup.

We hope the Blog post is informative. But in case you still have any query then write to us in the chat box.

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