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Login And Setup Guide Of Rockspace WiFi Extender

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rockspace wifi extender

If you want to increase the range of the router’s WiFi signal then the login and setup process of the rockspace WiFi extender will help you. In this blog, you will learn the setup and login process of the Rockspace WiFi extender.

Common Needs To Do Rockspace Extender Setup

  • First, look at the few spare parts of the extender.
  • Now, grab the one long ethernet cable.
  • Make sure that both the extender and router are well attached to each other during the Rockspace extender login process.
  • Attach one end of the ethernet cable to the extender ethernet port.
  • Or another end of the cable to the router LAN port.
  • In the end, make an internet connection between your gadget, prior to doing the Rockspace extender setup process.

Sign In Into Rockspace Extender

  • First, attach your mobile phone and computer to the rockspace network.
  • Now, open a browser on your network-connected device.
  • Further, fill in the default web address re.rockspace.local or an IP address in the search bar.
  • Next, enter the admin username and security password.
  • After login into the rockspace WiFi router, you can easily change any settings which you want.

Note: With the help of these steps, you will successfully do the Rockspace extender login process.

Configure Rockspace WiFi Range Extender

By doing the two methods, you can easily do the configuration process of the extender.

  1. Configure extender by WPS method.
  2. Install extender by ethernet cable.

Connect Extender To Router By WPS Button

Note: Do only this method when your rockspace router has a WPS button. If your router does not have one, then don’t waste your time on this method, try another method.

  • To begin with, locate your rockspace extender power plug in the wall socket.
  • Make sure, your both extender and router device must be placed in the same room.
  • Next, press the router WPS button.
  • Now, inside in 2 minutes press the Rockspace extender WPS button.
  • Further, wait until to see a solid blue LED on both the extender and router gadget.
  • In the end, locate your extender in a new location where you want, after doing all these steps.

Attach Extender To Host Router By Ethernet Cable

  • Initially, you will need to grab one long ethernet cable.
  • Now, attach one ending part of the cable to the router’s ethernet port.
  • Further, join another end of the cable to the Rockspace extender ethernet port.
  • After that, place the power plug of both the extender and router device in the power socket.
  • Now, wait for a while to see a solid blue LED on both the extender and router device.
  • As a result, both gadgets successfully link with each other.

Common Issues Why Rockspace Extender Does not Work Perfectly

  • Having no internet connection in laptop and computer.
  • The web address of the rockspace WiFi extender does not work perfectly.
  • The IP address of the rockspace router does not detect the WiFi signal automatically.
  • The distance between the extender and the router is more.

Fix Extender Not Working Issue By One Method

Upgrade The Firmware Of The Rockspace Extender

To upgrade the software of the Rockspace extender, follow these steps.

  • First, launch a web browser and enter the web address re.rockspace.local in the location bar.
  • After this, you will directly visit the login page of the Rockspace extender.
  • Now, enter all login required credentials.
  • Further, visit into rockspace extender setting page, select the administration option and after that pick the software upgrade option.
  • In the end, wait for a while to download the latest version of the firmware file on your laptop or computer.

After trying the above method if you are facing an extender not working issue then contact our technical experts by phone number or email. They will help you to solve your extender issue in less time.

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