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rockspace setup

Are you a Rockspace user with setup Issues? Many users face this problem. But no worries, we are here to give you three different solutions. Yes, so keep on reading the blog.

Place The Extender Near The Router

When you are doing the Rockspace Extender Setup, make sure you plug the extender near the pre-existing router.

  • But make sure they both are near the power plug.
  • Initially, turn on the power plug first.
  • Now, wait as the extender will take some time to boot up.
  • After doing the above step, take up your laptop in your hands.
  • Therefore, scan for your networks which are named, rockspace_ext. So, simultaneously connect with them.
  • Thereafter, make a search for re.rockspace.local in the address bar of your browser.
  • After that, you need to create a new password for securing the extender from unauthorized user visits on the extender.
  • Further, it will scan for the available networks. In addition to choosing your available networks. Therefore after selecting your wifi name.
  • Enter the WiFi password name of your extender after keeping the router and the extender.
  • Finally, you are logged in to the extender.
  • So, save the settings as your extender has been configured.

WPS Method Of Configuration

  • Attach the power wire with the extender, in addition to connecting it to the router as well.
  • After that, press the WPS button and unhold it after 10 seconds. Till you start getting blue lights on both the rockspace extender and pre-existing router.
  • To get started all your devices with both devices. You have to wait at least 30 seconds maximum as the devices need a signal transmission.
  • Here you are all set with Rockspace extender Setup.

Take Bands In Your Consideration

The WiFi extender network supports two dual bands. One is 2.4GHz and the second one is a 5GHz band. So that, you can get maximum out of your internet connectivity. When there are many devices that need to be connected at the same time only then it is needed. But what if there is high traffic on your device at one time? Like many devices are in use at the same time. Many routers just support 2.4 GHz and the devices which are in touch also need to access the same bands. Otherwise, the connection will be poor. Because everyone will try to surf through the 5 GHz band channel. Which will lead to distracting signals. Though the extender configuration doesn’t need that much effort.

Just ensure the above steps.

Look If Everything Is Under Control

You can control everything with the help of your smartphone or computer. So there is nothing to worry about. So configure every setting so easily. Reset the device if it is still not set up well. So enjoy it after configuration.

We hope the above blog is helping you with the Rockspace extender Setup. If not then try to contact us in the chat box. We will help you out with every single query.

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