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rockspace network

The regular monitoring and management of the Rockspace router’s network are just as crucial as its flawless configuration. You’ll be able to maintain and obtain the router’s optimized performance if you do this. You can use any web browser to access the management site, or you can use the Rockspace WiFi app. Use and put into practice the following suggestions in order to go on to the next step.

Access The Web Management Portal

In the first step, you must open the router’s web-based control window by typing re.rockspace.local into your browser. But first, make sure your router’s network is operational and that your device is securely linked to it. Open the web browser after that, and navigate to the setup window to access the management pane.

Modify The Bandwidth Channels

Go to that window, then select the bandwidth channel option in the router’s wireless settings. Change those channels as you want from there; your neighbors may be utilizing identical ones nearby. Your router will begin operating on different channels that are less crowded as a result.

Make Both Frequency Bands Active

Additionally, use the same portal to check the status of the frequency bands. Check to see whether both are turned on and whether your router supports the dual or single band. The 5GHz frequency band continuously and without fail provides the fastest internet speed. Therefore, switch on both bands and press Apply.

Change The Network Username And Password

Setting a new SSID network name and a strong password for it is another thing to keep in mind. It may have some unauthorized users on it if you suddenly start experiencing slow internet service. This is misusing the network and slowing it down.

To modify these settings, choose the wireless network option and give your network a new name that must be distinct from the networks of your neighbors. In addition, create a strong password for it that contains capital, special, and numeric characters. By doing this, the network will log those external devices off.

Select the Router’s Ideal Position

Along with those sophisticated configuration modifications, remember to position the router in the best possible area. Weak signals and pauses will also occur if the router and modem are too far apart. Place the router closer to your modem, if possible in the middle of your home. So that better signals may be transmitted at every turn.

Utilize The App Portal

On the other side, you can choose to use the WiFi app if you are unable to access the web administration portal. On your device, access the Google Play Store and download the official WiFi app of Rockspace. Once you have it, configure the network’s wireless settings by logging into its window. The screen of your device will provide the same settings options.

We, therefore, anticipate that these areas for improvement will be sufficient for you to achieve network performance optimization. Contact our technical experts directly if you need additional assistance.

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