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rockspace extender setup

Rockspace AC1200 is among the best WiFi products. This user guide helps you with all the information about this gadget from introduction to Rockspace Extender setup. You just need to read it carefully.

Place The Extender Near The Existing Device

Keep the extender in the same room where the WiFi router is placed already. Connect the extender to a power socket. Make sure to keep the metallic and house appliances away from these two WiFi devices.

The LED Instructions Before Setup

  • First, if the extender is not getting any LED Light clearly means the extender is off. Or it is not ready for Rockspace AC1200 Setup.
  • If the computer is in the bootup process it will unwittingly start to blink.
  • If the LED Lights are solid on the extender it means the device is ON.

Just Take A Look At WPS LED System

  • The WPS LED will be On then, it will simultaneously enable the WiFi security.
  • Moreover, in case the extender connection is in the process of connection it will start blinking.
  • The security to the WiFi is not enabled and the device will remain off.

If The Connection Is Poor You Will See These Lights

  • If the extender is not blinking any light it means it is totally lost with the connection.
  • The all RED blinking on the extender means the connection is very poor.

These Lights Are The Best Connection Lights

If the indicators of the extender are blinking with the green or blue lights then, it means the connection is strong. At this time the connection of the Rockspace AC1200 Setup will form best.

Connect The Device To The Rockspace Network

  • Make the extender configurable, by connecting your device to the extender.
  • Therefore, connect the extender to a power outlet.
  • If you are trying to connect to the Rockspace EXT SSID WiFi networks using your client device.
  • Then, you can connect to the “Rockspace EXT” networks easily.

Be Sure To Enter The Right Password

  • You need to open a certain page and type to form the fastest connection with the networks.
  • When you type this address in the browser you will see the login page.
  • Make sure you enter the new password to reach the interface of the administrative, in the new password field.
  • If you are using the extender administrative interface password, you need to supply it as an extender’s password.
  • Keep on the same as here you will find the networks for the Rockspace extender AC1200 model.
  • From that page, select the password from the box of the password.
  • Therefore, enter the password at the same time. Now check whether Rockspace AC1200 Setup is completed or not.
  • Go to the second floor or some other far room to check whether the extender is extending the signals to your WiFi networks or not.

We hope we are capable of providing you with the whole information about Rockspace AC1200 Setup. But if you found the Setup procedure incapable then, you can just write in the chat box of the website given below.

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