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Configuration Process Of Rockspace AC1200

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Rockspace AC1200

You must be familiar with the fundamentals of the Rockspace AC1200 extender before starting the configuration process. RSD0607 is another name for this gadget. You can get rid of those dead spots in your home and place of business with the help of a wireless WiFi range extender. This device is quite straightforward to use and very simple to log into.

Web UI To Set The Rockspace AC1200

The instructions are easy to follow for configuring your Rockspace AC1200 WiFi repeater.

  • Keep your WiFi repeater and router in the same location to start.
  • Ensure that your repeater receives the 50% of the signals that your router transmits.
  • Your WiFi router and extender can now be turned on.
  • Once the LED light is stable or solid green, wait 30 seconds.
  • Connect using the Rockspace AC1200 setup by going to the router’s settings.
  • The password on your device does not need to be entered.
  • Your device will immediately connect.
  • Use your IP address to access your Rockspace page and log in.
  • After that, to link your device to the router, type in the new password.
  • Turn off your WiFi extender once you’ve finished configuring it.
  • After that, wait 30 seconds before turning it on.
  • Connect your device using the Rockspace WiFi repeater.

Configure Your Rockspace AC1200 Using WPS

You may carry out the Rockspace AC1200 setup by following the procedures.

  • You must first attach your repeater to the power outlet.
  • It is essential in this situation to be close to the router.
  • You need to find the WPS button on the router and extender that you are using.
  • Afterward, on your main router, push the WPS button.
  • Click the WPS button on your extender now, and then wait a short while.
  • Don’t switch on your LED indication just yet. A steady green light will come from it.
  • Allow enough time for your extender to begin up correctly.
  • Your WiFi management can be accessed using a computer or a mobile device after that.
  • This method of connecting to the internet has now successfully established your connection.

Setup The RS App For The Rockspace AC1200

  • On your desktop computer as well, you have to download the RS application.
  • After that, complete the RS program configuration according to all the on-screen instructions.
  • The power plug for the Rockspace router must now be put into a socket.
  • Use only a Rockspace WiFi repeater if the network only extends to one room.
  • Open your smartphone’s WiFi internet access portal immediately.
  • After that, click the brand-new Rockspace WiFi router.
  • Connecting your Rockspace router to the internet is the following stage in the router configuration.
  • Next, look for the name of the default WiFi network on the device’s bottom.
  • As soon as the RS app is launched, your connection type should be automatically detected.
  • You must choose your connection type manually if the app’s automated detection fails.
  • In the end, enter your WiFi Rockspace router’s login and security password. After saving, select “ok.”
  • Now, following the above instructions, your Rockspace AC1200 setup is complete.

After reading this article, we hope you will be able to set up your Rockspace AC1200 device without any trouble. However, if you are still experiencing any issues, talk to our technical experts. You can reach us directly by phone at +1 716-992-6370 or by email at

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