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Rockspace Web Setup Portal

While doing the Rockspace device setup process, if the re.rockspace.local not working error comes in the path, there could be a number of causes. Also, being a non-technical person, you will be unable to identify the error’s source and resolve the issue as well. But, the points that we will provide you in this blog will work for your network’s error.

Possible Reasons Behind The Error

Before implementing the resolving points to the network, you must try to find out the reason behind the error. There can be an issue with your extender, router, and device. The extender’s web-based setup portal might have a temporary glitch from its technical end. Your router might not have a strong connection with the extender and your device is not connected to the network. More than that, you use the inaccurate login and web/IP details of the extender during the configuration process.

Reboot The Extender

In case there is any technical error in the extender, you can reboot it by unplugging it from the power socket. As this simple step can help you to remove the re.rockspace.local not working error. So, just take the extender out from the power socket and leave it unplugged for a few minutes. Later, plug it in again but use another power socket this time. Lastly, try to access the web setup portal by using the extender’s web address.

Use The IP Address

If the error still keeps occurring, then try using the IP address instead of the web address. Take the default IP address from the extender’s manual guide and search for it in the web browser. Ensure to use the IP address with keeping in mind the spacing and numeric characters. A minor mistake in the address can cause you to face the issue again. The extender’s issue will be resolved now.

Fill In The Login Details Perfectly

To avoid the issue further in the process, be sure to fill in the extender’s login details in an appropriate way. Which contains the username and password of the extender, insert them in the right required fields and click on the Sign-In button. However, if you changed these details earlier, you will be required to use these updated details this time. If you are using any one of them incorrectly, then the issue will keep appearing on the window.

Reset The Extender

If you are still unable to access the portal or in case you forgot the network password, the foolproof solution to fix this is to reset the extender. As this process will remove the error of always and also discard the older configured settings. To do this, press the reset button from the extender’s panel and wait for the process completion. Once you are done with the reset process, do its setup again.

Thus, the extender’s web portal will be accessible to you after applying these troubleshooting solutions. If it is not, then get more guidance from our experts. They will assist you and let you visit the portal after resolving the error.

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