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Rockspace Setup

We are here to resolve almost all of your confusion through the given setup guide. In this article, we are gathering and giving information from different methods. One is a manual configuration and the second one involves the browser mainly.

The Beginning Step Involves the Installation

In the very first stage before doing anything just unpack the device. Then after unpacking make sure to choose the center location for the router and extender. They connect it to the power extension board on the wall. After plugging make sure you are having a proper power supply. There connect the ethernet wire with the back ports of the extender and connect the router to the extender tightly. See if you are having blue light on the devices. If yes then you can breathe freely as this is a sign of a good connection. You need to dance as on the first go your connection is a success.

Setting The Connection With Ethernet Cable

But for this, you need wireless network channels as well to set up your extenders or repeaters via an ethernet wire. Need a wireless network with a unique name (SSID). Additionally, an extender and a 3-meter wire both are very necessary to connect to a desktop, laptop, or computer.

  • On the very first step, attach the extender to a power source.
  • Thereafter, link up the ethernet wire to the extender’s LAN port.
  • In addition to the LAN connection, connect the ethernet from the back of the computer or the laptop.
  • Now, after doing the wired connection, the wireless setting is on the computer.
  • Finally, enter the link of the Rockspace extender into the address bar of the web browser.

Manually Configure The Extender For Setup

This process is for re.rockspace.local setup is also known as the Web Browser Setup. Follow the rules given below to set up your device with this method:

  • Unpack your Rockspace extender and attach the antennas.
  • Move further if no additional antennas are available for your extender model.
  • By inserting the extender in the power socket just power up your device. Make sure the outlet is working.
  • At the present moment use an Ethernet wire, therefore to connect your extender to the Access Point.
  • Check the Power LED on your extender. It should be showing green.
  • Finally, turn the computer on or any device like a laptop you have launched a web browser on.
  • Access the login page using the web address and do the login and setup process.

Check The Internet

If you are trying to connect another port to the router, link your device using the wired connection and check whether the internet is still connecting. But what if the error message comes to you, in this case, you need to contact your ISP assistance to fix this problem soon. As the issue did not cause others who are using the same network.

We hope the process is easy to understand to set up your extender and the router through, re. rockspace.local Setup. The web address mentioned can help you set up the device easily through the portal.

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