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Some Useful Points After Rockspace Extender Setup

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Rockspace Extender Setup

Luckily if you are successful in the Rockspace extender configuration process, it is necessary to keep its performance optimized. You can achieve this by applying and using some valuable points that we are going to list below. Doing so will enable you to keep the network error-free and the extender will surely work ideally. So, go through these points and implement them appropriately.

Pick The Best Location

After doing the Rockspace WiFi extender setup, either through the WPS or the web portal, choose another location for it. Unplug the extender and place it in that area where you face slow internet speed and unstable signals. But, make sure to place the extender and router close together so that there will be a strong and stable attachment. But, we recommend you place them centrally to your house and there will be better signals in every corner.

Change Advanced Settings

Along with that point, changing the extender’s wireless settings will also help you a lot to get the fastest internet. In this process, access the extender’s web management window and make some modifications to its settings. Such as the frequency bands working if your extender supports dual-frequency bands.

Moreover, swap the bandwidth channels if required and this will make the network less congested. Make the network more secure and safer by changing its password to avoid unauthorized users on it. Try to create a password that is difficult to guess and use some special, numeric, and capital letters in it.

Monitor The Network Often

Here, it is advisable to execute the above-mentioned point often to monitor and manage the network. Set this point on priority and do it weekly or after some days. Visit the management window on the Rockspace WiFi extender setup page and check the number of network-connected devices from there. Ensure your own devices are attached to the network, but if there are external users, then log out of them immediately. To do this, set a new password for the network and all those devices will log out automatically.

Keep The Firmware Updated

No doubt, the Rockspace extender requires running on the new firmware version, so that it can provide outstanding performance. This is why it is crucial to check for the latest firmware version periodically and update it on time. Fortunately, you can check and perform this updating process from the same web portal of the extender.

Check the latest file of the extender and choose the file according to your extender’s official model. Thereafter, do the firmware upgrade process by uploading the new file that you download earlier. You will surely see a significant improvement in the extender’s working. Here, the pro tip is to power cycle your extender and keep it unplugged when it is not in use after using it continuously.

After applying these considerations, confirm that you are using the network at its best working. If you seek more information about your product, get in touch with our Rockspace technical experts. They will walk you through more valuable tips for your network.

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