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Rockspace WiFi Extender

There are several problem-solving techniques that you can use to solve Rockspace extender problems quickly or intelligently. You must read this page in its entirety if you experience any problems with the work. Let’s start the procedure now.

Position Change At Rockspace Extender

Rockspace WiFi range extenders can cause problems if you place them wrong. Our suggestion is to place the WiFi range extender centrally. As possible in your home or office to eliminate this problem. Check to make sure that your extender device is not located near metal appliances or electronic devices. All WiFi signals are absorbed by the metal and electronic gadgets used to connect to the router and extender. Hopefully, this will fix your Rockspace extender issue. Consider another solution if this does not work.

Improve The Rockspace Program

The Rockspace Extender web management page can be accessed to improve the device’s program. The next step is to select the administration option and then the firmware option. After downloading the firmware file, install it on your laptop or computer. It is, therefore, possible to solve the Rockspace extender issue by doing so.

Resetting Rockspace With A Gadget

Using a paper clip, you can push the back reset hole button for 8 to 10 seconds. In order to successfully reset your Rockspace extender device by using the back reset hole button.

Note: The Rockspace WiFi extender setup process will be done again after you do the reset method. Check out the lower login and configuration information if you forgot the setup process.

Getting Into Rockspace Extender

Start by connecting your phone or desktop to the Rockspace extender. Enter as the default IP address of the web browser. The SSID will be the Rockspace EXT network. Once you’ve filled out all your login credentials on the display page, you’re ready to log in to your Rockspace WiFi range extender.

Configure Your Device Without Ethernet Wire

Ensure that the Rockspace WiFi range extender is located in the same room as the router and extender. When you have completed this step, turn on your router and press the WPS button. Press the wireless extender button two minutes after starting the process. After that, both the extender and router have a solid WPS LED blinking. This means the Rockspace extender successfully connects to the router.

Without Using WPS Configure Your Extender

First of all, the extender needs to connect to a Wi-Fi-enabled device by an Ethernet cable. Then, you need to open your web browser and enter the web gateway URL in the navigation bar. The extender login page will appear now. Just fill in all of the login credentials and follow all of the instructions on the Rockspace WiFi extender page on how to set it up. After that, tap on the extender option and follow the instructions as they show on the Rockspace WiFi extender page.

In the meantime, you can easily resolve Rockspace WiFi extender setup issues using these tips. If, after trying those suggestions, the issue persists, please feel free to contact our team experts at +1 716-992-6370 or you can mail us at

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