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Rockspace AC1200 WiFi Extender Manual & Setup Guide

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rockspace ac1200 wifi extender setup

Bought a brand new Rockspace AC1200 WiFi range extender? That’s a great purchase as it will transform the way you enjoy online streaming, video gaming, and other online activities today. It is among the high-end range extenders available on the market and has been the first choice of wireless internet users for a long time.

As per Rockspace, the device can deliver a data speed rate of up to 1200 Mbps with only a single device. If it is combined with one or more devices, it can deliver 3X faster speed. The coverage capacity of the device is also exceptional. If it is positioned strategically, it can broadcast the network signals to all corners of your home, eliminating all WiFi dead spots. It is important to know that using your Rockspace AC1200 WiFi extender device is not possible without the completion of the setup. This process must be performed at the very first. To perform this, a Rock Space AC1200 WiFi Extender manual or setup guide can help you. But, if the manual is not easy-to-understand to you, approaching our technical support professionals would be a far better option for you.

Here, we are sharing the AC1200 WiFi extender manual details and setup instructions with you. This will certainly help you do the setup easily.

Details of Rockspace AC1200 WiFi Extender Manual

The Rockspace AC1200 WiFi Extender manual contains comprehensive details of the device. From product overview, specifications, and top features to WPS and browser-based setup procedures, you can find all this information inside the Rockspace WiFi Extender manual.

On the first page, the AC1200 WiFi Extender manual provides the details on how the product looks like and what are its external features. The device looks compact with dimensions of 80 x 58 x 48mm. You will get dark black finishing on the device with raised horizontal lining on the front panel. Two adjustable antennas are provided for this device which significantly contributes to the overall performance of the device. Coming to the buttons, LEDs, and ports, there are three LEDs and one WPS button on the front panel of the extender. LEDs are dedicated to indicating the behavior of Signal, WPS function, and PWR. There is one ethernet port on the device which is used for establishing a connection between the router.

Apart from these details, you will find Rockspace Extender setup procedures in the manual which you can utilize to perform the setup.

Rockspace Extender Setup Details

As per the Rockspace WiFi Extender Manual for AC1200 devices, you can set up your extender using mainly two different methods. The WPS and browser-based setup methods are options. If you pick the WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) option to configure your extender, you do not need to perform any complex steps. Just one button WPS button tap will do the job for you and the configuration will be completed in minutes. However, there are a few drawbacks and limitations to using this method. For example, you will not be able to customize the bandwidth of the device as per your choice. Also, there is always a security risk with this method. Therefore, Rockspace advises not to rely on this setup option, instead going with the browser-based setup using the re.rockspace.local. You can also use the official Rockspace app to complete the setup.

Browser-Based Setup

If you pick the browser-based setup option, you first need to make the connection between the extender and router. After that, visit the Rockspace extender login portal on your computer or mobile device. The login portal will display the login section where you need to enter your Rockspace credentials and complete the login. The next interface will prompt you to choose the wireless network that you want to extend. Select the Rockspace Extender network and then set up a new SSID and password for this. This will not take more than a couple of minutes. After this, simply keep following the Rockspace AC1200 WiFi Extender manual instructions to complete the Extender setup.

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