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Rockspace AC1200

The Rockspace ac1200 works significantly to improve the signals after its perfect settings and an ideal placement is one of them. This factor plays a major role in allowing the extender to perform better and that’s why it requires attention too. So, in this blog, we will explore some key factors for the extender’s right placement during and after the setup. Check them out precisely and use them to place the extender ideally.

Understanding The Benefits Of Ideal Placement

Before diving into the best placement specifics, let’s understand the advantages of choosing the perfect location. These are:

  • Helps to cover a wide area with the fastest internet signals
  • Eliminate the WiFi dead spots from every corner of a place
  • Provides uninterrupted internet signals without any lags
  • Maximized and better WiFi signal transmission every time
  • Keep the networked devices connected to the network
  • Avoid barriers in the signal transmission from electrical appliances

Place The Extender And Router Closer

It is necessary to place and keep the extender closer to the existing router during the Rockspace ac1200 setup. In doing so, you will get a hassle-free and successful setup of your extender. So, choose the closest socket to the router and plug in the extender to that socket. Additionally, try placing the extender, router, and your WiFi-enabled device in the same place.

Relocate The Extender Centrally

Once you are done with your Rockspace ac1200 setup, you can move the extender to a different location. But, try to choose a central location of your place to keep the extender that ensures better WiFi coverage. As a result, there will be optimized internet signals throughout every corner and nook of your house or office. Here we recommend you place the extender by elevating it from the ground like on a shelf or desk.

Avoid These Things During Placement

Along with the ideal placement, it is also mandatory to use some points to prevent signal interruptions. As the electrical appliances and metallic things can overlap with signals you need to place them away from the extender. Which includes refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, gaming consoles, and 2.4 GHz wireless phones. Besides that, don’t place the extender near and behind the thick walls that can stop the extender from transmitting signals.

Once you are aware of choosing the best placement for the extender, place it optimally and enjoy the network. Just in case you need more help with this or another query, don’t hesitate to connect with my team of experts.

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