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Rocking The Connection: A Guide To Rockspace AC1200 Setup

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Rockspace AC1200 Setup

Rockspace AC1200 is popular in many parts of the world due to its extraordinary performance. This beast helps you eliminate all the Wi-Fi dead spots in your home or office. It enhances Wi-Fi Signals up to 2640 square feet thus providing you seamless connectivity in every corner. There are two ways through which you can complete your Rockspace AC1200 setup. Let’s dive in:

A. Set up Via The WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button

Before beginning with the Rockspace AC1200 setup, you need to plug the Extender into a power source. And then wait for it to boot up. The Solid blue LED light will depict its working. Now here are the steps to set AC1200 via the WPS button:

  • Firstly press the WPS button present on the router.
  • Then Press the WPS button on the extender ( It should be done within 2 minutes after pressing the WPS button on the router.)

Once you do the above-mentioned two steps, wait for the LED light on the Extender to turn blue. This light means that your connection is successful.

B. Rockspace AC1200 Setup Via Web Browser.

To start the setup by using Web Browser again you first need to make sure that you have plugged in the device successfully. Now let’s begin with the setup.

  • Start by connecting your device to the extender’s network which is “rockspace_EXT”.

Note: If you are using a computer make sure to unplug the ethernet cable before you begin to connect and in case you are using a Smartphone then disable the mobile data.

  • When you connect to the network, open a web browser and go to http://re.rockspace.local. Another alternative is that you can enter the default IP address i.e. and then Click on “Next”.

Note: Always place your extender strategically in such a manner that it is halfway between the router and the dead zone. If the LED light on the extender is not solid blue then relocate the extender for better signal quality.

  • It’s time to select the network from the list of all available networks that you want to extend and then enter the password. As soon as you enter the correct password the page will pop up a notification which will say ” Extended Successfully”.

Congratulations, you made it. You have completed the Rockspace AC1200 setup successfully and with so much ease. In case you still face any issues, please try reading your User Manual, and also feel free to contact the Rockspace customer care team for exact guidance.

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