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In addition to a flawless installation, regular network management and monitoring of the Rockspace router is a must. If you do this, your router’s performance will remain at its peak state indefinitely. You may access the management site from any web browser or via the Rockspace WiFi mobile app. Follow the below-listed advice to move forward with the process.

Go To The Online Control Panel

To begin, open your preferred web browser and navigate to the router’s web-based control window, typically located at re.rockspace.local. But first, make sure your router network is up and running and that your device is securely linked to it. The next step is to launch a web browser, navigate to the setup window, and from there, access the administration window.

Swap Frequency Paths

After clicking that button, you’ll need to access the wireless router’s configurations and change the channel bandwidth setting. If you see that a neighbor is using the same or similar channels, feel free to swap them out. This will cause your router to switch to using less crowded channels.

Turn On Both Bands of Radio Frequency

In addition, the same hub can be used to monitor the health of several frequency bands. Find out if your router supports dual-band or single-band Wi-Fi by checking its settings. The 5GHz frequency spectrum provides uninterrupted high-speed internet access. So, turn on both filters and hit the “Apply” button

Modify the Network ID and Password

Setting up a new SSID network name and a secure password is another important factor to think about. There may be unauthorized users on your network if your connection suddenly becomes slow. Which is causing delays due to excessive network traffic.

Select the wireless network option and give it a name that doesn’t sound similar to that of your neighbors. In addition, make sure to protect it with a robust password that combines special characters, numbers, and capitalization. When you do this, any connected external devices will be automatically logged out.

Pick The Ideal Spot For The Router

In addition to making those more in-depth adjustments to the router’s settings, make sure the router is in a good spot. Weak signals and disruptions are the result of too much space between the router and the modem. So, move the router nearer to the modem; in fact, you may even try putting it in the middle of your home. This means that there will be improved signal transfer at every turn.

Make use of the App Store

You can use the WiFi app instead of the web administration interface if you don’t have internet connectivity. Get the official Rockspace WiFi app from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. After you’ve installed it, log into its window and adjust the wireless settings for the network. Your device’s screen will provide the same settings options.

Therefore, we believe that these enhancements will be sufficient to help you achieve peak network performance. Get in touch with our technical staff right once if you need further assistance

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