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Rock Space WiFi Extender

If you have a large house or office and want better WiFi reception, the Rockspace extender setup is a perfect choice. However, setting up this device can be seen as daunting by many. But, it’s really quite simple. So, there’s no reason not to try it yourself. Just execute the instructions carefully and you’re good to enjoy your WiFi.

Ready? Let’s start.

Unbox Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

The Rockspace WiFi Extender comes in a box that looks like this:

Remove your Rockspace WiFi Extender from the box by pulling it out of the bottom of the box. Now, take a look at the contents of your Rockspace WiFi Extender kit

  • Rockspace WiFi Extender
  • Power adapter with USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Remove the protective plastic wrapping from the outside of the Extender.

Rockspace Extender

Now, place the gadget where it has line-of-sight access to your router. It will make it easier for you to execute Rockspace extender setup.

Things You Will Need

  • The Rock Space WiFi Extender and a Rock Space account.
  • A working power outlet.
  • An ethernet cable (optional).
  • You will also need a smartphone or tablet to set up the extender.
  • Android or iOS RS mobile application as per your phone’s operating system.
  • Access to the internet, either through your home network or via a data plan on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you’ve unboxed and plugged in the extender, you’re ready to start configuring it. You can do this on your computer or smartphone. However, ensure the device has access to your home network.

Connect the Extender to Your Home WiFi

Now that your extender has an adequate power supply, the next step is to connect it to your home WiFi. You can do this using one of two ways:

Way 1:Press the WPS button on your router and then press the WPS button on the extender.

Way 2:Connect to your home network with WiFi and open up a web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Then go to or http://re.rockspace.local. This will take you directly into the web interface for the Rockspace extender setup where we can begin setting up everything.

Rockspace Extender Setup Using WPS

First, if you have a wireless router, go to its settings page. This page will be either in the settings portal or the RS app. On this page look for a section that says something like “WPS” or “Wireless Protected Setup.” If it’s there, click it and follow any instructions given on that page. If there is no WPS option, disconnect one of your devices from your network. Then, connect it again using the WPS button. If this works, continue following these steps:

  1. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously until both lights begin blinking at full brightness. It will take approximately 8 seconds. Then release both buttons at once. The extender should now be properly connected to the router for Internet-sharing purposes. However, you will still not have access to other devices.
  2. Repeat step 1 with other WiFi-enabled devices such as laptops/PCs/tablets etc., making sure each one is within 3 feet of their respective device only. Otherwise, they may interfere with each other during setup mode. Consequently, it could cause problems later on down the line. So, double-check before proceeding with further steps.
  3. Connect your phone to the extender’s WiFi and open the RS application. After that, click on “Rockspace extender setup”. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions.

Setup Using A Browser

First, check the WiFi status light on the front of the extender. Then, use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect to the new extender’s network.  After that, you need to execute the following steps in the exact given order:

  • Open a web browser and enter http://re.rockspace.local in the address bar.
  • Type in the admin username and password from the setup manual.
  • Enter a different network name and password than those of your current router, then click Save.
  • Relocate the extender to a place midway between your router and an area with poor reception.
  • Plug it in, then wait for all four lights to light up solid before proceeding.
  • You can move the extender to a place midway between your router and an area with poor reception.
  • Plug it in, then wait for all four lights to light up solid before proceeding.

Rockspace extender setup Using Ethernet Cable

Connect your Rockspace WiFi Extender to your modem using the Ethernet cable provided with it. The port marked “Internet” on the back of your modem should be connected to one end of the Ethernet cable. Then connect the other end to any one of the ports on your Rockspace WiFi Extender. We recommend choosing port one.

Power on your Rockspace WiFi Extender by flipping its switch to “On.” You’ll know it’s working when a green light is illuminated on its front panel, which should take about 30 seconds after you’ve flipped its power switch to “On.” Then go to the RS application and complete the setup process.


In conclusion, we have seen that it is very easy to set up a Rock Space wifi extender. Anyone can opt for this outstanding gadget who wants a faster internet connection. The best thing about this device is that it does not require any technical knowledge or skills. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the right order and get your device ready within minutes.

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