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Why do you think you will not be able to set up the Extender? When we are up with a number of extender setup tips. You will feel relaxed as you would not realize that you are done after performing these steps.

Requirements Of Setup

You need an ethernet wire and a power extension nearby. You need to put the WiFi extender near the area and corners you want the boost signals. This will help to convert the WiFi signals that take the wired network signal and convert them into a strong wireless signal in the new area. Although you can type re.rockspace.local setup and get it done in seconds. Yes for sure through the portal.

Wirelessly Device Settings

Your wireless device ought to match the order of your wireless device’s IP. Therefore type re.rockspace.local setup, it should be within the same range. Make sure you fill in the correct IP address.

  • In a case wherever you alter the password for a wireless network or one thing concerning it, and can’t connect with that network, forgetting or removing it becomes vital.
  • Changing the wireless network name (SSID) rather than forgetting or removing the wireless network is otherwise to resolve issues caused by progressive passwords.
  • This may end the creation of wireless networks. If you recognize the wireless network’s secret, you will be ready to access it.
  • Therefore, changing the wireless channel of your Rockspace device is necessary to attach to the WLAN.
  • It’s jointly doable to repair the unstable or slow wireless network by changing the Network Mode from 11b/g/n Mixed Mode to 11b/g. Mixed Mode on an identical page whenever you alter the SSID.
  • The security mode pair issue may be resolved by progressing to the protection mode. Likewise, as rising security, this may conjointly establish an even reference to your wireless device, particularly once victimization of the most recent technological devices.
  • When the protection Mode/Network Authentication is about to WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, or Mixed WPA/WPA2-PSK, meaning you’ll be able to opt for WPA personal, WPA2 customized, and Mixed WPA-WPA2 customized for the Rockspace device.

Reconfiguring The Extender

To access the net, connect your rockspace WLAN extender to a router and boost the speed of your WiFi:

  • First, connect your router with the rockspace WLAN extender.
  • Then, attach the wireless networks to the net.
  • After that, connect the coax to the system.
  • Enter re.rockspace.local setup. within the address bar of your browser.
  • Press enter to proceed.
  • Now, verify if your extender is within the list of devices to attach to the router.
  • Once the login process is complete.
  • Make sure to check the IP address of the extender while browsing it.
  • The login page currently displays the admin default username and default password.
  • If the light-emitting on the router, it indicates that each device is in connection.


We hope the article we have provided here has all the necessary details. But if the problem persists again then go for help through re.rockspace.local setup.

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