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rockspace ac1200 extender

Are you finding the details on the installation process of the Rockspace WiFi range extender? Then, you visit the correct page. On this page, you will know the proper information regarding the Rockspace AC1200 setup process by which you can easily extend the range of the host router. Let’s start the Rockspace extender setup process!

Do These Things While Configuring Rockspace AC1200

You can do these things when you are installing your Rockspace extender:

Examine The Wires Connection

Prior to doing anything else, validate that the ethernet wire fully links to the Rockspace repeater’s ethernet port. if you’re connecting your device to it with a cord. Assure an accurate and secure connection of the cable to the necessary port.

Check The Socket Of The Power

Make sure your Rockspace WiFi repeater is receiving the proper power supply before starting any troubleshooting. Simply insert the power wire for the Rockspace extender into another power outlet to solve the issue if the red light isn’t functioning.

Reposition Your Rockspace Extender

Due to an improper setup, you can face a red light issue in your Rockspace extender. Your Rockspace AC1200 extender must be relocated to its present place. As a certain place, your Rockspace extender is near the main router. To establish interference with the wireless signal which mostly occurs by the extender and host router. Locate your extender and router far away from electronic gadgets. It will help you to fix the red light issue in the Rockspace WiFi range extender.

Restarting Your Rockspace Repeater

While employing the power cycle approach, keep the following steps in mind.

  • Push the power button to first switch off your Rockspace AC1200 extender.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds more after that.
  • Do not forget to activate your extender.

Note: You may resolve the red light issue with your Rockspace WiFi range extender by following these four suggestions. If not, test a few more of these suggestions.

Do Firmware Upgrade

  • Go to the sign-in page for the Rockspace WiFi extender firmware first.
  • In the required fields, mention the security password and log in.
  • Enter the parameters for the Rockspace WiFi range extender after finishing this.
  • Click the firmware update or a comparable button after choosing the administrator option.
  • Update the firmware on your computer, last but not least.

Reset Your Rockspace Repeater

To test this approach, remain on the lowest steps.

  • The first thing you should do is press the reset button on your Rockspace WiFi extender to reset it.
  • Hold the reset button down for a little while.
  • Your Rockspace WiFi range extender has been completely reset.

Note: The Rockspace AC1200 setup will function once again following the reset. You need to log into the Rockspace extender first before starting the configuration.

Connect Your Devices Through Manual Method

  • Grab a lengthy Ethernet wire first.
  • Next, connect the Ethernet cable’s terminating end to the port on the extender.
  • Additionally, join the Ethernet cable’s remaining end to the router’s Ethernet port.
  • After completing all of the above, plug in the Rockspace extender and router.
  • Wait until the extender and router devices both have a solid blue LED.
  • The Rockspace AC1200 setup has therefore been completed successfully.

In this blog, you will get knowledge about the Rockspace AC1200 setup. After the configuration process, if you are experiencing any issues then you can call us at +1 716-992-6370 or text us at

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