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There are many different tricks to try to fix extenders not connecting issues. Some of the most basic yet effective steps to utilize for resolving extender connection issues are as follows.

Easily Configure It With WPS Button

  • First, you need to press the WPS Button on the old router for a minimum of two or three seconds.
  • Then, the WPS button on the extender within two minutes.
  • If the LED is blinking on the extender it means the router is in connection now.
  • Once the signal LED light turns solid blue. Then the Rockspace extender has incredibly established a good connection with your old router and it can boost your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Although in any case, the signal LED lights are red it means your extender is too far away from the router.
  • That can create the re.rockspace.local not working error.
  • In addition, if your network signals are off then your extender is not connected to your existing router, so try connecting it again.
  • You should install the extender halfway between your existing router.
  • If you have connected the extender with the WiFi device then you must connect to the extended network.
  • The extender will use your existing Wi-Fi name.
  • Sometimes, by default, the Wi-Fi password of your extender could be the same as one of your routers.
  • Once you are in a good connection you can use it anywhere between the range.

Disable The Wireless Card Settings

Energy-saving option on your wireless card has been enforced, which can be a major problem. However, it can be the main reason for seeking your attention.

In the lower right corner just beside the battery, you can check the further icons. Ensure to enforce your laptop so it can be balanced and power saver mode should be on your wireless card.

This simple step can intensively increase the WiFi performance of laptops and routers as well.

Use The Default Password

Every extender comes with a standard admin password, such as “admin,” “password,” “1234”, etc. To configure the extender, you must enter the password to access the admin panel. Usually, the password of the extender is found near the bottom of your extender or sometimes in the manual of the extender. Which comes along with your extender.

The default password is simple to guess. Your extender will become unsafe if you grant people administrative access to it. Be carefree after completing your settings. Change the default password to something difficult-to-guess and it should not be easily understandable as well. Or Use re.rockspace.local for tweaking the credentials easily through the portal.

Use An Ethernet Cable

Finding a signal from the internet cable provider is accurate and simple when using a cable tester. You can follow the instructions if you don’t have any idea how to set the cable. Just power off both devices, then plug the ethernet wire from the back of the device. Now, power on the adaptor from the socket.

We have given a number of tips to resolve the re.rockspace.local not working error, which was causing some major issues with the internet connectivity as well. So keep them in mind and try re.rockspace.local to avoid them.

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