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Access The Web Portal For Complete Rockspace Setup

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Rockspace Setup

As you buy a new Rockspace device, it is necessary to set it up and manage the network later. Although you can choose the WPS process for the setup only, you will require to visit the web portal for managing purposes. However, the screen will direct you to use the web portal perfectly, once you reach that window on your device. So, follow the useful tips given here for the entire process.

Reach The Web Setup Portal

The first point after making your Rockspace extender configurable is to visit the web setup page. For this purpose, take your device such as any laptop, PC, or mobile, and connect it to the WiFi network. Either choose a wireless connection or the wired one by using an ethernet cable. Once you are done with this, open a search engine on the device and insert the web or IP address in the search field. In this way, the re.rockspace.local setup page will be accessible to you.

Login To The Extender

When you reach that window, the screen will prompt you to enter the login details including the username and password. So, make sure to enter the default login credentials as you are a first-time user. Doing so will allow you to complete the login process and the re.rockspace.local setup page will be on the display. But, if you are unaware of these details, then check the manual setup guide once.

Setup The Extender

The next step after login is to configure your extender to make it ready to use. Fortunately, you will also be able to do this from the same portal after completing the login process. So, don’t worry if you are not familiar with the setup process. You will pretty much require to choose the network from the list and enter its password before clicking on the extend button. When you click on the extend button, be happy as you are successfully done with the process. But, go beyond the screen directions for further procedure.

Some Consideration Points After Setup

Equally important to the perfect setup approach, you must take these useful points into account. Doing so will help you to use the extended network optimally and there will be no bugs for sure. Visit the management window on the same portal and check all points separately. Alternatively, you can use the Rockspace WiFi app to get on the advanced settings.

Check the bandwidth channels and replace them if required. Later, check the frequency band working and make sure both are activated. Don’t forget to change the SSID network name and its password as well. As you do this, your network will become more secure and unique with the best security encryptions. It is advisable to keep the firmware updated every time to prevent technical glitches.

Now, confirm that your extender is working perfectly and there is no point left behind from the entire process. If in any case, you struggle with any issue in the network, take more guidance from our technical experts after contacting them.

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