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5 Guidelines For Increasing Rockspace Router’s Range

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5 Guidelines For Increasing Rockspace Router’s Range

If you like to make the router faster and farther away? You will then arrive at the proper post. You will learn about the five most straightforward strategies for extending the router range in this post. Let’s get the process going.

Locate Rockpace Router At Half-way Location

If your router is placed close to outside walls, you could experience sluggish internet connectivity. We advise that you relocate the rockspace router and put it in the focal point or main room of your home or office. Moreover, ensure your router is not placed close to anything made of metal because doing so will allow the router’s WiFi signal to be completely absorbed, possibly resulting in still-slow internet.

Put Foil Paper Along The Router’s Edges

You may immediately increase the range of WiFi signals by utilizing foil paper. Start by grabbing a piece of foil paper, molding it with any bottle, and placing it vertically on one side of the router.

Discard Additional Devices

All connected devices make advantage of the rockspace router’s bandwidth. After you entirely shut down your device, it stops using the rockspace router’s bandwidth. We advise turning off all extra devices that are not in use to extend the WiFi signal’s range.

Alter The Router’s Frequency Bands

While the 2.4GHz Rockspace router frequency band is easily radiated through interior or exterior walls, it does not offer you a high-speed WiFi connection. Because of this, the 5GHz frequency spectrum does not easily escape from outside walls while yet giving you high-speed internet. Which frequency range is best for your situation right now is the determining factor.

Purchase A Rockspace WiFi Repeater

A powerful WiFi signal is provided by the Rockspace WiFi extender throughout the entire home or business. Simple setup instructions are provided for the Rockspace WiFi extender.

Characteristics Of Rockspace Extender

  • It eliminates all dead spots in the home and workplace.
  • The range of the router increases.
  • Any host router can readily connect to the Rockspace repeater.

Note: To begin the setup process, the Rockspace extender login process requires first.

Login Into Rockspace Extender: How to Do It

To start using this strategy, read and stick to the lower steps.

  • Start by typing the Rockspace extender website URL into the search box.
  • Now, take note of the model number of your Rockspace extension.
  • Furthermore, insert all login information.
  • You can now successfully log in to the host router as a result.

With An Ethernet Cable Attach The Extender To The Router

  • Start by joining the wire’s one end to the ethernet port on the Rockspace router.
  • Then, connect the ethernet cable’s other end to the ethernet port on the Rockspace extender.
  • Then, insert both devices’ power plugs into a wall outlet.
  • Wait for the extension and router devices to both have solid blue LEDs that are blinking.

As a consequence, your Rockspace repeater gadget and the host router are now successfully connected.

Note: If there are any problems after setup, use the lower troubleshooting procedure to resolve them.

Upgrade The Rockspace Extender Firmware

  • You need to go to the Rockspace WiFi extender’s Login page first.
  • Find the administrative option next, and then select the firmware update option that appears beneath it.
  • Finally, give the firmware upgrading procedure a minute to finish.

We anticipate that by using the advice on this page, you will be able to quickly increase your router’s range. For additional details on the Rockspace extender login, keep checking this page.

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