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Rockspace Web Portal

The default web portal of Rockspace has a number of features and uses through which users can set up and manage their networks. Which involves the login, setup, changing advanced settings, and some other points as well. But, to avail of these features, you will require to get familiar with the entire process first. So, here we are with some useful information points related to the setup portal.

How You Can Access The Web Portal?

Although the re.rockspace.local is accessible in simple ways, you will need to search for the web or IP address. After attaching your Rockspace device and making it ready for configuration, there will be a requirement to connect your device to it. After making a strong and successful connection, launch any web browser on that device to reach the login window. As you click enter after filling in the re.rockspace.local, the Rockspace login page will appear on the screen.

Login To Rockspace Device On The Web Page

As you visit the Rockspace login page, you will be prompted to fill in the default login credentials. Such as the username and password of your Rockspace device. However, if you are unaware of these details, check out the manual setup guide once which will provide you with accurate information. After collecting these details, insert them into the required fields and click Sign-In later. Keep in mind to use the spacing, numeric, and other characters in a perfect way. Thus, the login process will be done through the re.rockspace.local portal.

Rockspace Setup On The Same Portal

After finishing the login process, the setup page will be accessible to you on the next page. From there, you can execute the further process to make your device ready to use. The interesting fact is that the screen directions will walk you through the setup process till you complete it. So, select the network from the list that you want to configure and insert its password as well. Finally, attach your other devices to the configured network and enjoy the fastest internet speed.

Check Advanced Settings

After setting up your Rockspace device perfectly, it is equally important to change its advanced wireless settings. Which involve the bandwidth channels, frequency bands, changing the network credentials, and so on. Verify these points and make some changes to them as you desire. Doing so will make the Rockspace network’s performance optimized.

Besides that, it is necessary to update the Rockspace device’s firmware to avoid bugs in the network. But, don’t worry as you can also accomplish the same process from that page. Check the latest updates of your device’s firmware and upgrade it immediately. Make sure to choose the latest and official version of the firmware and that must not be corrupted.

These are the uses of the rockspace web portal that you can utilize to set up your network and manage it appropriately. But, if you are seeking more information related to this query, get in touch with our team of experts.

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