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Setting Up Rockspace Wireless WiFi Device: Mistakes to Avoid

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Setting Up Rockspace Wireless WiFi Device: Mistakes to Avoid

Rockspace is a premier data networking brand in the United States that sells modern-age wireless WiFi routers, extenders, and access points. It is a popular brand across the country and a huge number of people prefer it for fulfilling their internet needs. You can also fulfill your daily high-speed internet need by choosing Rockspace. And if you already bought a Rockspace WiFi device, you first need to install and set up your device using the re.rockspace.local web portal. 

Although Rockspace claims that they provide easy installation and setup options, it is usually difficult for users to perform and complete these processes due to their complexity. You may face many unknown errors during the setup process. This could be either due to some technical glitches or mistakes that you may have done before starting the process. To avoid all the possible Rockspace setup errors, it is important to avoid making mistakes. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic mistakes that you should avoid. Find them out below.

Wrong Placement of the Device

Placing your Rockspace device in a weak-signal area or far from your primary node usually leads to connection problems. You need to avoid this basic mistake. For example, you bought a Rockspace WiFi extender to extend your existing router’s network. When you start setting up your extender using the re.rockspace.local portal, you need to make sure that both your extender and router are at a close distance and in a better network area. If you place them away from each other, your Rockspace extender won’t be able to establish a connection. So, before you start the setup process, make sure that your devices are placed perfectly.

Incorrect Antenna Position

Antennas help receive satellite signals. They must be positioned correctly. They should always be upwards pointing to the roof of the room where it is placed. Additionally, if your device has omnidirectional antennas, make sure that it is not broadcasting most of the internet signals out of your home. To ensure this, you need to ensure that your device is placed halfway in your home and that the position of the antenna covers the entire home.

Using a Corrupted System For Rockspace Login and Setup

A corrupted system always delays the process that we want to perform, whether it is a simple or complex process. Similarly, when you use an outdated or corrupted system to perform Rockspace login or setup using the re.rockspace.local, it delays the process and sometimes, you even fail to perform the first step of the process. So, avoid using a corrupted or outdated browser, operating system, or device.

Not Choosing the Technical Support

When encountering a Rockspace setup problem on the re.rockspace.local portal, people usually try to fix it on their own despite not having the right knowledge and understanding. Trying once or a couple of times is fine but when you attempt to fix the setup problem again and again, you usually end up with a mess. You should choose Technical Support professionals instead of attempting to fix Rockspace setup problems. Here, you can approach our team of highly trained Technical Professionals who are always ready to help resolve your Rockspace setup issues.

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