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rockspace extender

However, in order to fully use the device’s capabilities, it must be correctly configured. So, if you’re not sure how to correctly configure your Rockspace Wi-Fi Extender. This page is for you to read!

What If There Is Still No Internet connectivity?

We are guiding you with simple troubleshooting tips for the not working issue of the extender. First, just verify whether the extender is working fine or not. The indicator light and administration interface should offer you a hint. Therefore, disconnect the device. Only those that do not have internet connectivity. In addition to reconnecting to check whether it is accessible. As well as re.rockspace.local not working error notifications keep on flashing. If the issue persists by an unequal amount of signal strength. Then do not forget to consider relocating the Wi-Fi extender to a different area. When a Wi-Fi extender signal is in close link. Check whether the router has given an SSID. Reset the Wi-Fi extender and try again with other Wi-Fi signals.

Why Is My Network Still Sluggish After Wi-Fi extender?

First, double-check the indicator’s state. If the color is solid blue, it indicates that your extender is receiving a strong enough signal (above -60db).

However, if it is completely red or has no light at all, the strength is low. In such a scenario, bring your Wi-Fi extender closer and make sure the antenna is pointing up and perpendicular to the ground.

The Rockspace Extender is Broken

  • First, try power cycle your extender if you haven’t updated the firmware.
  • Second, if you change your main WiFi password, you must reset your Rockspace extender and reconfigure it with the new password.
  • Finally, make sure that the extender is linked to a power adapter.

Blinking Light Rockspace Extender

If your extender keeps flashing, it might be due to a hardware issue or a defective firmware. Your extender shutting down during the firmware upgrade is what makes the firmware updation process a flop. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below to fix this problem.

  • First, reset your Rockspace extender if you need. Press the reset button for 20 seconds while the gadget gets in proper connection.
  • Now, attempt to update or reload the firmware.
  • In case your equipment is still under warranty, try to replace it. Or reach re.rockspace.local setup as re.rockspace local not working issue is the one at your end.
  • Then, you can also set up the device through this app.

Call The Service Provider

If the Issue is keep on coming your way. Then just take a confirmation of your internet plan or other things on your device. As that is the one who is responsible for all this. Yes as it controls the bandwidth sometimes. So keep in mind. That confirms from him as well what’s happening to the Internet.

We tried a lot to explain the Setup to you as we are experts to resolve issues of our users.

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